Multi Language posts in Hubzilla
hi @Mark Nowiasz, es funktioniert!

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Mal selbst ausprobieren wie das genau geht / A test by myself how this actually works:

This paragraph should show up if your preferred (browser) language is English, the German sample should be hidden.

[observer.language=en]the content[ /observer]

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While creating the samle code, I noticed that nested bb code has issues with the inner closing tag, known issue?
Might be useful to have the same possibility for the caption of the post, but I guess the BBcodes are all deactivated for the caption.

Is that so?
Shoud it be changed?
What do you think?

Got Zot — Mike Macgirvin on building your own apps and protocols
Just came across this interview with @Mike Macgirvin
Time flies! One year old already but still interesting for everyone interested in all the things Zot and Hubzilla:

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Hi All,

When attaching images to the post I am getting this error.

2018-10-17T08:03:59Z:LOG_ERR:e5v0pudflj3j5v6up5973jrmu4:dba_driver.php:459:db_logger: dba_pdo: ERROR: update account set account_level = 1 where account_id = 9 limit 1;
SQLSTATE[42601]: Syntax error: 7 ERROR:  syntax error at or near "limit"
LINE 1: ... account set account_level = 1 where account_id = 9 limit 1;

Can anyone explain to me what it says ?
limit 1 should not appear in this query. It is probably a copy/paste typo.
I just fixed this in master branch.
To me it seems to be a channel not a forum and I cannot write anything to the channel if forum and channel are the same thing in Hubzilla.
I don't see you on the list of Forum members.  Did you add the Forum as a connection?  

Forums in Hubzilla are just special case channels.  Most of the time they are configured to automatically accept connection requests and they are also usually configured so that all members can forward messages to all contacts using the !mention tag.

You should be able to post after you add the forum channel as a connection.
New Support channel for users (not admin questions)

@Hubzilla Users Support

I created this forum to separate things a bit, and try to make things easier for everyone.
I think it's a good idea, if it succeeds I can not know this, but it depends on all of you.
You are invited to add it if you think it is a good idea.
In the other forum too much things are mixed, the questions related to development and administration end up in a certain way to stifle the forum.

If then it becomes superfluous and useless we can always delete the channel.
@Alex Oh. Didnt know about @Lazy Admin Thanks for the info (we definatelly need this kind of info on hubzilla website)
As I undertood was lazy Admins for all kind of admins, not only with the theme Hubzilla. Or I'm wrong?
hz users support is just for users questions..just.
Hubzilla version scheme

I'd like some clarification regarding the hubzilla version scheme.
As far as I can see we're currently at major version 3, minor version 6 and bugfix release 2 (3.6.2).
Stable versions have an even minor version number (3.4, 3.6, 3.8, ...).
Development/Testing versions use odd minor versions but don't get bugfix "releases" and instead live in the dev branch in the Git repo.
Is that correct so far?

Can I rely on stable versions receiving a git tag matching their version number?

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Can I rely on stable versions receiving a git tag matching their version number?


Should we ever forget to tag it, shout.
i am trying following url to get the attachment image link via postman tool
URL: https://<hubzilla_url>/wall_attach/<channel_name>.
but the problem is i am not getting any.  I want to get a response like this instead i am getting blank


Please could someone let me know that am i missing here
The code is a bit convoluted because it has evolved a lot over several years, but basically I think what's missing is that you need to authenticate somewhere and have a session which can write to file storage or it's going to fail. This should return a permission denied message, but it seems this is being sent to the webpage notification system and isn't being returned where you can see it.

If I recall you were trying to do this via the api a while back and this is probably still the best way to do it; but if I recall there was a bug somewhere. I think the best way forward is to figure out what that bug was and fix it. Alternatively, there is a similar function (media upload with post) available in the twitter_api plugin and this was at least tested and known to be working at some point.
On ActivityPub federation and delivery report for source channel posts

Hi, I set some RSS republishers that work fine in the zot network. See as an example.
I know some people on Mastodon and GnuSocial, and I set up my mind to share with them the capabilities hubzilla has, at least through federation. In this case, RSS and source channels.

However, it's not working yet. It does work for plaintext posts written from my personal channel. You can see (I use code to avoid content previews):
Mastodon (redirects to hubzilla when not logged in):

However, republished content is not propagating through AP. I will ask today to pleroma devs and will bring back whatever they reply.
Example post:
hubzilla: (scroll down for and look for "Grècia", there's the original sourced post and a re-share)
pleroma: -
mastodon: -

I post the pleroma log below in case it helps you figure out why it's failing. It looks like it tries to fetch the notice from the RSS source website through ActivityPub, and later through OStatus (which obviously does not support) but I'm not sure. I think the logs are for the reshare, not the republish itself.

When reposting an equivalent post directly from the republisher's channel, it arrives to pleroma and mastodon (though the title is dropped):
mastodon (redirects):

By the moment though, I missed the option to see the delivery reports from the republisher channel (or at least the admin's one). I guess that the report may only me accessible by the source channel, but given that it's an RSS, there's no way to log in as it. Is it a feature? I can use help on looking for them on the database.

Thank you!
I don't understand one thing. Why a RSS have legal issue with ActivityPub but no with zot. RSS works with zot.
The only time it would have an issue with AP and not Zot is in the case of something that is licensed with a free/open license but requires attribution. From what I can tell, Zot can maintain the authorship information - with AP, the channel distributing it must be the author - which would mean it isn't attributed to the original author.

If the person redistributing doesn't have a license to the material (eg, Creative Commons, Attribution, Gnu Public Documentation License, or a standard license from the copyright holder), there are legal issues whether you use ZOT or ActivityPub. The only question is whether or not the original copyright holder will enforce their copyright and sue you or not.
@fadelkon Interesting. I've been using "repost as author" since and not one post showed up in Pleroma (tested on two Pleroma sites).

  • Is your source channel directly using the actual domain name of the website and not a third-party feed service (like feedburner)?
  • Can you confirm if the URL for the feed is the actual CMS they're using or it was only a cloak or silent redirect to a third-party service?
  • Which feed URL did you use? The main feed or the author's feed?
  • Does the feed URL share the same as your channel? (example: yourdomain.tld/feed/ and hubzilla.tld/channel/yourdomain )
Hey !Hubzilla Support Forum

When I upload an jpg image from my mobile Firefox on Android, it gets corrupted and uploaded as an attachment. Posting an image from Firefox on my laptop still works.

It used to work with the same version of Firefox but I might have updated Hubzilla and PHP in the meantime. The Hubzilla log as well as nginx and php-fpm logs didn't show any sign of an error.

I tried deleting the browser cache on Android in case an old version of the JavaScript files was still cached.
Works for me lineage-os and fennec f-droid 62.0.2
I'm still on 58.0.2. Does Hubzilla use cutting edge JS features that always require the latest browser?
I'm experiencing the same behaviour from Fennec 62.0.2.
Changes in the upcoming Hubzilla 3.8 release

As you have probably already noticed, there were some dramatic changes to the settings and app infrastructure in the 3.7 development cycle.

What changed?

We left behind the central settings page a.k.a Settings > Additional Features in favor of per app settings pages. Basically every app with settings has an easy accessible (cog icon next to the app name in the panel) settings page.

Feature settings for the post editor are accessible via the cog icon in the editor. Feature settings for post/comment interactions (star posts, community tagging, emoji reactions, dislike button) are accessible via the item dropdown menu (bottom right) of each post/comment > Conversation Tools.

Some features have been transformed into stand-alone apps. Privacy Groups, Wiki, Notes come to my mind. There are many others though. If you had one of the transformed features enabled, you will now need to install its app equivalent. E.G. you will need to install the Privacy Groups App to be able to manage your privacy groups.


Some addons have already been ported to the new app infrastructure (all the federation protocols, n_s_f_w, startpage, etc). The remaining will be ported in the next release cycle.
Basically here applies the same as explained above for the core apps. If you had an addon enabled in the addon settings, you will need to install its equivalent app (diaspora app, n_s_f_w app, etc).

Summary of needed actions for the channel owner:

If you had features/addons enabled that have been "appified" you will need to install the equivalent apps for the channel.

  • Click "Add Apps" from the navbar hamburger menu to see an overview of your installed apps
  • To install a new app, select "Available Apps" from the left-aside Apps Collections menu
  • Click the green install button for each app you want to install

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Odd.... I'm not seeing Manuel's side of the conversation (didn't we have this problem before?)

@M. Dent you don't appear to have the pubcrawl addon installed.
Maybe I'm still confused about message flow. I thought that comments always went to the message owner to be redistributed. If that's the case, why would my hub need AP support since replies from AP channels should come to your hub and be "pushed" out from there. At least, that's how I thought it should work. (I'm still trying to keep my head screwed on straight and often failing miserably, so feel free to correct my misunderstanding.)
I think was the same issue  when in diaspora you could not see the comments of gnusocial people in the posts of our friendica's friends
What is the difference between 3.8RC2.2 and 3.9.2?

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Added zot6?
Or what other changes?
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There is almost no difference atm. Otherwise, what @h.ear.t | tobias said...
How to import RSS feeds?

Hi @Hubzilla Support Forum
In a comment on @Philipp mentions
Hubzilla is my RSS reader. RSS feeds are possible as connections if this is enabled by the administrator. I have one privacy group for RSS feeds, so I can read just these if I want to, or else have them in my general activity stream.

I found the setting that I have to enable as admin. Then I started to add RSS feed URLs as 'connections', no errors so far.

But what do I have to do to get the contents oth those rss feeds to actually show up, to import into the channel?
@Jens (public) have you set up the poller on your local dev hub?
@Mario Vavti poller? Is that something like cron? Not sure ...
Yes, rss feeds must be picked up from the sites. So if your cron job is not running they will not be picked up...
Bug: Unintended change of "Full Name"-text-field-content in settings

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When I go to "Channel settings"->"Basic Settings" the content of the "Full Name"-text-field gets changed from my current name to my email adress. If I press "submit", e.g. because I changed some other settings, my email adress becomes my channel name, which makes my email adress public, which I don't want. And of cause changing the text-field in the first place is a #bug.

Any ideas, how to fix this?


The problem seems to only appear in certain browsers:
- Falkon (QtWebEngine)
- Konqueror (WebKit)
But not in:
- Seamonkey (Mozilla Framework)

So it might be a problem with the browsers, but not necessarily.
a lot of follower

!Hubzilla Support Forum

let´s say a person / organization wants to be present in the fediverse and want to have a lot of  followers  - xk.
Where is the technical / resource limit for the number of followers of one hubzilla channel. Is there one? installed 2017-04-08
Expiration period in days for imported: 180
ca 100 User
du -sh /var/lib/mysql/hubzilla
12G    /var/lib/mysql/hubzilla
du -sh /var/www/
1,5G    /var/www/
As for file space, I have been using fuse with s3backer quite successfully. It caches active files on the local drive and uses s3 on the back for storage. S3backer allows you to encrypt before storing on S3 so your S3 provider doesn't have your key or access to your data. The authors indicate the ability to use s3backer for your MySQL partition as well. I have not (yet) tested this.
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FYI. This is ZFS snapshots for @Zotum hub (only Hubzilla lives there). You can see how fast MySQL storage growthing within last 3 days.

root@zotum:/usr/local/www/ # zfs list -t snapshot
NAME                                 USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
zroot/var/db/mysql@20181012         1.65M      -  1.54G  -
zroot/var/db/mysql@20181013         1.57M      -  1.58G  -
zroot/var/db/mysql@20181014         1.72M      -  1.63G  -
zroot/var/db/mysql/innodb@20181012  23.8M      -   280M  -
zroot/var/db/mysql/innodb@20181013  20.3M      -   284M  -
zroot/var/db/mysql/innodb@20181014  25.9M      -   289M  -
zroot/var/db/mysql/logs@20181012    15.3M      -   203M  -
zroot/var/db/mysql/logs@20181013     432K      -   205M  -
zroot/var/db/mysql/logs@20181014     424K      -   208M  -
 somewhere between the lines 
runs again, thx.
New RSS feeds suddently only as private messages?

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Very strange issue here... I use a channel as an RSS feed aggregator and today I noticed that new RSS feeds I add only post as "private" with that little lock symbol, which prevents sharing and also using them as channel source. The old ones work fine as before, so this is rather odd.

Anyone got an idea what could be causing this?

Edit: happened exactly with the 50th added feed. I guess I need to check the service level settings?
Edit2: no... it also started doing it on other channels with no feeds added yet. Very odd :(
If you want to make this content public, set it up as a channel source. Do this at your own risk.

@Mike Macgirvin
Yes I am doing that ;) I am not too worried about the copyright aspect as I am carefully selecting the feeds from the open-source/FOSS gaming scene that are 99% sure not going to sue me.

What I find strange though is, how does Hubzilla decide which feed items get a lock and which don't? As I said, I have plenty of feeds where this doesn't happen so it isn't a general "feature" it seems. Does it decide based on some meta data from the RSS feed or how does it happen?
@poVoq this is possibly a bug.
Go figure. I've had 3 new connections to channels after I announced they were shutting down 2 days ago. That is more than I usually get in months.
Suppress double posts?

!Hubzilla Support Forum
Is it possible to somehow suppress double posts on the public stream if a user on the same server posts to a forum channel?
Of course it makes sense to have the post appear both on the users server and the forum channels server, but if they are the same than forum channel could maybe take priority and the user post should be somehow hidden on the public stream?
Unexpected Logouts

!Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Development

For the last day or two I've experienced unexpected logouts from my 3.8RC instance. Most notably if I remotely log into another hub, I need to log into my home hub again afterward. This occurs even if I select "Remember Me" on the login screen. Not sure where to start looking for what may have changed - so any hints would be helpful. It started "recently" - but I'm not sure how recently.
@M. Dent my install is 3.8RC - 1221 and it work fine for me.  Just clicked over to your profile and then Take Me Home... I'm still logged in.

Hmm... maybe should try in a different browser?  I was using Chrome.
I'm on 1224 using Brave currently. I'll check browsers - though I've been using Brave fine for quite a while.
I wonder, is it possible that session timeouts had not been reliably enforced and now they are? I don't know. Just grasping at straws. It isn't 100% reproducible which makes it really hard to track down and very frustrating.. I guess just consider this a data-point in case there are other reports in the future.
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Hello I created a new channel in order to replicate a RSS feed. I added rss as contact and added the source. All works fine. I can follow the new channel from hubzilla

But in Mastodon NO !! My conclusion source information does not arrive at mastodon. Maybe that is normal because ActivityPub is very flexible and maybe not
Yes oups I didn't see. this would be dupplicated issue. At least I am not alone to see such things.
Sourced / Feed Posts not propagating?

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I noticed that "sourced" posts doesn't propagate in ActivityPub, I'm not sure if this was how it actually is or just on my end or a possible bug. Here are the details:

  • ActivityPub app activated, with "Send multi-media" enabled
  • Source is a Feed (Atom based). Tried both:
    • Repost as this channel: Off
    • Repost as this channel: On
  • Channel is set to: Feed - Mostly Public
  • Permissions are set exactly the same as the "default" of "Social - Federation". (I have a Permissions category and using it as the channel's default for new connections. I also made sure existing connections have the same permissions.)

When a feed is posted, it is posted as an "Article". However, when I go to the Article app, there are no listed Articles there, so I'm not sure if the feed post is actually an "Article" type. I understand (based on my other question previously) Article type posts should be sent as a "link" in ActivityPub?

However, if I post a regular status/post, it shows up fine in ActivityPub. Tested on two Mastodon and two Pleroma instances. For sample channels: @gameshogun social and @Snoworld social .

Aside: Interestingly, it also doesn't show up in the main diaspora* software but shows up in Socialhome via The Federation connection. (I didn't test GNUsocial / OStatus.)

Currently running 3.8RC1.1.

Thank you again!
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Ah, yes... a semantic web.  I was simply trying to circumvent an issue, of course.  You want to do it right.

RSS or otherwise, proper attribution is a LARGE issue in distributing media on the web, whether journalism, podcasts, photography, datasets, or video.  Once THAT is addressed, a payment mechanism could be easily piggybacked.  But it is a hard problem.

I've been told the blockchain is the answer.
Like for everything else.
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So just to confirm: this will neither work with Repost as this channel: ON or OFF?

If it is ON (which for attribution reasons isn't great), how does ActivityPub even recognize that it isn't a regular HubZilla post?
So just to confirm: this will neither work with Repost as this channel: ON or OFF?

If it is ON (which for attribution reasons isn't great), how does ActivityPub even recognize that it isn't a regular HubZilla post?

Just for reference: /sources .
I will give it a try and let's see what changes.