Various problems with Hubzilla 3.6.1
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Various problems with Hubzilla version 3.6.1 (#1261) · Issues · hubzilla / core

Hello. On the theoretical level Hubzilla seems awesome but unfortunately I'm having many issues with the Hubzilla version 3.6.1 at 1) The database is huge(ish). The mysqldump with option...
Posts not delivered to my hub or not displayed

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I'm trying to figure out how to best follow this forum and possibly other public channels.
I've got a connection, apparently I can post to the support forum and I receive replies to my posts. However I seem to be lacking all the other unrelated posts generated recently: They do not show up im my /network.
I can view them just fine when I visit the channel.
Is there any way I can debug this?
With the logging set to normal I see these messages in my log:
2018-08-16T20:26:43Z:LOG_INFO:6b3096781d:Cron.php:31:run: cron: start
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:5168:zot_reply_notify: notify received from
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:HTTPSig.php:170:verify: Content_Valid: true
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:3c0ab27513:zot.php:5168:zot_reply_notify: notify received from
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1381:zot_import: public post
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1428:zot_import: No deliveries on this site
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1381:zot_import: public post
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1428:zot_import: No deliveries on this site
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1381:zot_import: public post
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1428:zot_import: No deliveries on this site
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:3c0ab27513:HTTPSig.php:170:verify: Content_Valid: true
2018-08-16T20:32:21Z:LOG_INFO:3c0ab27513:zot.php:1289:zot_import: remote pickup failed: nothing to pick up
2018-08-16T20:33:17Z:LOG_INFO:bc8d923805:network.php:391:http_status: .well-known/nodeinfo:404 Error
2018-08-16T20:33:17Z:LOG_INFO:780d2ff6ad:network.php:391:http_status: .well-known/x-social-relay:404 Error
2018-08-16T20:36:49Z:LOG_INFO:3bbbc486e9:Cron.php:31:run: cron: start

So I believe the server of the support-Channel pings my server.
How can I find out why the posts are not shown to me?
These are the relevant lines:

2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:5168:zot_reply_notify: notify received from
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:HTTPSig.php:170:verify: Content_Valid: true
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1381:zot_import: public post
2018-08-16T20:32:20Z:LOG_INFO:f6830daa85:zot.php:1428:zot_import: No deliveries on this site

This says a message arrived, and it's valid. It's a public message, but *nobody on this site is accepting messages from this sender*. This is probably due either to your channel permissions role or specific permissions settings granted by your channel to the support channel.

If you need to debug what's happening, the function which finds deliveries to be performed on this site in the case of public messages is made in include/zot.php: public_recips()

The function is a bit convoluted but at a high level it fetches a list of channels on this site and checks which allow 'send_stream' permissions for the sender.
I think it was the send stream permission causing that. It was set to explicitly granted, not accepted connections.
I'll watch what happens now.
Thanks Mike!
Yep, I already got the first post, so setting the correct send_stream permission solved this.
Good day good people @ !Hubzilla Support Forum

My hub is acting just a little bit strange since a couple of weeks (much before the last release already). The symtom is that I receive new post notifications from forums (mostly from and for posts which are sometimes several days if not month old...

Now I am wondering, if there is s setting on my hub causing this, or if that's something also other users experience on their instances and so might be related to external (forum) functionality.

I attached a screenshot (and apologize if that won't be visible for everyone) which shows notifications going back several month.


I assume these post have been pushed towards my database again and again, every time I receive a notification. Certainly not a big issue but sure that would be eating up some capacity as well.
if some are related to this post , well, consider also the new diaspora spam problem reported by Mario, a lot of profiles with blank pages putting a lot of likes ...
@giac hellvecio Interesting, when I opened that gerzilla link, I got 3 open webauth notifications about welcoming me, and after I closed and reopened it, I got 6... 🤔 not be distracted by the content of the post in gerzilla , just pay attention to the new likes (spam likes)
Chat app missing from hamburger menu

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I enabled the "chat" feature and added the app to my channel, but there seems to be no link to it in the interface.  3.6.1 - redmatrix theme.

I'm sure it's something fairly quick and easy - and I do need to learn the theme stuff - but I'm trying to get some other stuff done and I personally know the URL to access with so it won't make it very high on my priority list any time soon.  

If no one else gets to it, I'll figure it out eventually.  But if someone needs a quick-easy task to get their feet wet in the code, this may very well be an opportunity to do so!
Nevermind - I completely forgot about the whole "need to start it to get it to show up" thing.

Raises an interesting UI question... Is there a reason we don't "star" by default upon installation?
Some apps are starred by default, some aren't.
Commenting on public ActivityPub posts

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to understand what determines whether I can answer to ActivityPub statuses from the posters who I'm not connected to.

When browsing through the #dishub public stream, I noticed that I can't comment on any Mastodon or pleroma posts I see. Except when those are made by the people I following.

At first, I assumed that's how it's supposed to work, but then I did some testing on #tiksinet (where I have a clone of my channel).
While the public stream on tiksi@net seems to be disabled, I did some searches for common mastodon tags and discovered that on tiksi@net I can reply to most of the posts I find, including some I'm unable to reply to on DisHub.

For example: this post

Later I have found some posts on DisHub that I'm able to comment on without following any of the participants, like this one (I have more examples in case somebody is interested in them).

So, what the expected behaviour there and where to look for possible reasons things do not behave as expected?
@jsv Could you copy paste @Mike Macgirvin answer, because I can't see it for some reason and I don't see it either by going on Mike's channel. And I'm really interested in the answer. Thanks!
Here you go:
thanks @jsv that was quick!
I actually wasn't sure exactly what it did, so after I posted and found out, I deleted it. Probably timing weirdness where I deleted my post before your comment federated here, and you commented before my deletion federated there
Theme for hubzilla based photo Chanel ??

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Let me understand this and please let me know if I´m wrong:

I just had a look at  "pixelfed" .
Can´t we  do with hubzilla today all pixelfed wants to achieve tomorrow ? YES - But the UI of hubzilla ...

I´m not at all a developer but I wonder how hard it is to adapt/strip down the redbasic theme so that same of hubzilla functions look more handy for a hubzilla based photo Chanel  – like the pixelfeld UI –
What do you think?  
Thanks for all you input.
am I the only one... find the answer to this post from @Mike Macgirvin extremely offensive and super sexists/machist? anywayzzz... i see a huge lack of women in this community.. and then we wonder why...
Albatroz, if you want to see things that do not exist, and create correlations and connections where they do not exist, you are free to think like that. But my previous comment explains things well enough, I can only add that the stress to which some of us are subjected since this project began years ago, sometimes leads us to respond in an unkind manner, especially if someone has great experience and ability and is always subjected to the same questions, often useless, for years and years...

Surely you travel with a lot of imagination in my opinion. Too much.
Oh damn, i meant @kris not @Mike Macgirvin . my apologies
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How long does it take for old channels to completely expire and disappear from the network?
I had a redmatrix instance a couple of years back that I just deleted. The channel still floats around the network, despite the server being down for at least 2 years, probably more.
Is there any way to get rid of it if I cannot import it somewhere and then delete it?

Another interesting detail: When browsing the directory and limiting it to just my hub I see my old channel, despite the difference in the URL ( vs
If you just deleted your old instance, you probably did not delete your channel. That means the channel is not marked deleted anywhere.
If you still have the old channel somewhere, you could probably revive it and delete properly.
I'm pretty sure I have no backup anywhere.
That's probably a bug. If a channel doesn't ping a directory server once a month it should be marked dead after a month or two and should stop being shown in the directory. The "site" query might not look for this.
Will photos and files follow me to my new installation?

Hi there. The Hubzilla website states that you can: ...completely move a channel from one hub to another, taking your data and connections with you... . I did just that(*), but my photos and files don't show up (yet?). I was wondering if photos and files are supposed to come with me to my new server or are only posts regarded as data here?

*) I want to run Postgresql instead of Mysql. So I installed Postgresql alongside Mysql on my humble Raspberry Pi. Then I created a second Hubzilla instance next to my original installation (using a different url). I created an account on this new installation and had it import my original channel. Posts and connections are there. As are my wikis and bookmarks. Photos and files however are not. Because they are separate files and not database content?
Thanks Mike. It seems however that some reboots and refreshes further, the files are already there so I won't be able to test that. Will do a (visual) comparison to see of everything got over tomorrow (Central European Time, damn it is already "tomorrow"...). If something is missing I'll try your suggestion...
I did this a few years back and had a heck of a time with shared hosting because the jobs would all get randomly killed. I had to restart the process a couple of hundred times to pull in several thousand files. There doesn't seem to be any way to ease the pain when you're fighting an ISP or a low-power computer. But the process is pretty resilient so every time you restart it, it will look to see what it already has and what remains and start over from there.
Well, in the end everything seems to be there. Great! I do have some double entries for some items in the files app. There is only one file, but some appear 3 or 4 times in a directory in the files app. No problem. I'll check the database out and remove redundant entries. Thanks for helping out y'all!
Redbasic - won't display items

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Found a quirk in the Redbasic theme where if the "maximum number of conversations to load" is too low, somehow the javascript doesn't trigger to grab the next group of items.  At least, that's what I think was going on.  It happened on 2 different instances (one on 3.6.1, the other on dev) when I had "maximum" set to 3.  Changing to 5 seemed to fix it.  Though the weird thing was - it only displayed 1 item.  Haven't investigated, but a working hypothesis is that the query returned items that weren't displayed by the filters I had set (affinity was set at 85%) or items weren't displayed for some other reason.  Once there were "enough" items displayed, the continuous scroll seemed to work just fine.
Another "add to the list" thing.... animated gifs broken?  --- I tried to add an animated gif to this conversation as an attachment.  Left me with a static image.  *sadface*

As @Mike Macgirvin explained before php-gd can't convert animated gifs so you need to use imagemagic instead.
Ah - good to know.  Hadn't seen that one.  Thanks!
any reason not to use something like 2*document.body.clientHeight instead of a fixed value of 300 as the trigger that says when to load more items.

The calculation is supposed to be 300 px from the content bottom. This was to leave room for a small page footer which otherwise you could never actually read using traditional paging calculations.  I think you might get into trouble using clientHeight unless you calculate all the collapsed content divs but I may be wrong.

Too small a value for max conversations may have side effects for a number of reasons (one in particular is if somebody is superblocked, as this is detected and removed from the results after the query). There are probably others. While you gain responsiveness with small values, it's a tradeoff for other reasons. My servers are on another continent so grabbing smaller chunks of data occasionally takes more time than just grabbing a larger chunk.

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!Hubzilla Development

I'm considering using the sub_realm functionality in my deployment hopefully keeping the load on the core directory servers to a minimum.  Has anyone used it?  Problems? Advice?

Looking through the code for sub_realms and noticed a few things: (NOTE: I was looking in dev - mostly in include/* - I know some stuff in dev has moved into Zotlabs/Lib - and some of these decisions may already have been made and dealt with - if so, feel free to just say, "Yup, dealt with it") and ignore.

1) Most db queries involving subrealms use like '%realm%' in the where clause.  Since the subrealm feature is designed as a hierarchy, shouldn't that be like 'realm%' ? or even better, standardize the delimeter and include the delimiter in the search string (eg., site_realm = 'realm' or site_realm like 'realm:%' ) ?
2) In sync_directories() (include/dir_fns.php), why is there a separate search if the directory realm set in the DB == DIRECTORY_REALM constant from boot.php?  In the hierarchy, should it not sync all peers and subordinates?
3) To answer the @FIXME in dir_fns  @FIXME What to do if we're in a different realm? -- It seems that if the DIRECTORY_FALLBACK_MASTER  is not a PEER in the current realm, we need to at least check that we share some level of taxonomy within the hierarchy.  For example,  RED_GLOBAL:sub1:subsub1 could use a RED_GLOBAL any directory server in the RED_GLOBAL realm or in the RED_GLOBAL:sub1 or in the RED_GLOBAL:sub1:subsub1 realm.  But it should not use one in the RED_GLOBAL:sub2 or RED_GLOBAL:sub1:subsub2 realms.   So, before the site_store_lowlevel, it seems we should query the DIRECTORY_FALLBACK_MASTER and find out it's realm.   A big ole' error in the logs is probably the best bet, and perhaps a big red message at the top of the administrator's feed?
4) A similar hierarchy check answers the @TODO: check if we're the same directory realm, which would mean we are allowed to see it of include/zot.php  --- though I'm a little confused by this note - if either is in "standalone" mode, isn't that the definitive setting for "off the grid" ("off grid" to me means don't communicate with ANYONE)?  Removing RED_GLOBAL from the head of the realm should take a server out of the public grid and put them in a private grid (which I THINK would be the case if we changed the like clauses as indicated above.
5) strpos($arr['site']['realm'],$realm)===false needs to be reworked to mirror the like clauses if that's the way we go.  My vote would be to make it strpos($arr['site']['realm'],$realm)!==0

Looks like that covers most of the issues I can see/think of in my investigation.  I'm sure there are changes based on those things that will need to be rolled into the realm related pieces that have been moved to Zotlabs/*.

As usual - my brain runs in a million directions - and these are as much just notes for myself and for discussion by those with a heckuvalot more knowledge than me in order to set me straight - not in any way a "we need to do it this way."  Neither are they a "someone needs to do something about this" - but more of a "hey, I'm thinking of doing something about this and this is what I'm thinking of doing - but I don't want to break stuff or waste my time."  (IF/WHEN I'll ever get around to it is a whole 'nother issue.)
I'm setting up (essentially) a parallel universe of code in dev to start the zot6 migration. For instance you probably don't want to use Libzotdir yet because it is linked to an entire set of interfaces you don't yet have. Keep using include/dir_fns for now. It will be relatively easy to upgrade once the core migration has taken place.

You should always have a realm. This is basically our answer to ActiveDirectory delegation. You can have your own root, but things might break if you have nothing. You're welcome to try it and work through any issues but it might be simpler to just supply a realm name. The %realm% business is because we don't actually care which side is the root realm. I left this open in case somebody wanted to argue that their sub-realm should be the root.
Ok, I'm comprehending a little better, I think.  I guess my main concern at this stage was to do what I could to reduce load and stress on the "public" infrastructure. A secondary thought was that  a sub-realm may be a mechanism to do so and *potentially* also able to partition certain segments off if desired in the future by somehow restricting.inter-realm communication.

At any rate - I'll look more carefully at the code and follow the zot6 progress a bit and see what intersection there is with my intended aims.
If you have the resources, the zap tree provides a working (cross fingers) zot6 implementation and can give you something to compare.

The global directories aren't a huge load. Basically every channel pings them when they do a profile update or once a month to tell them they are still alive. The main reason to have realms is for instance a fortune 500 company wanting an internal communications system that has its own directory and servers across regions or departments. This can then either be linked with or disconnected from the rest of the grid.
 my house near the sea 
So..the search does not work with just   yt video (the title)?
Maybe  'cause in the source code we do not have the "title" of the video   but just the code/link of the yt video?

cc !Hubzilla Support Forum
This could be a nice entry-level development feature.
pardon, I meant all those type embed  as vimeo yt  etc ...
I discovered only days ago that if I look for a post that only has embed video ( and not  a name or comment in the post that can help in the search ) I can not find it using the hz/search.
I understand what you meant. If you want it, somebody will have to code it.
New instance questions

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I set up a new personal instance a couple of days ago on
Everything is working quite well, but I have a couple of questions. I'll try to ask these also over at nearlyfreespeech, but it's possible that someone here already has experience with these issues and can answer them.
  • how to set up file permissions to allow the web server to write, as is required by Hubzilla. Of course 777 works but isn't safe.
  • how to make Wordpress allow crossposting from Hubzilla. It's denying authorization. (I have the hubzilla addon and filled in the login credentials.) This might also be about file permissions, this time with WP. (My blog is on the same server.)
  • Hubzilla keeps logging me out, in an unpredictable way. Anything I can do about that?
  • Does Hubzilla have an endless scroll addin or something for the activity feed? After loading the number of posts set in the settings (20 by default - I've raised that), I can't see any more.
Thanks for any help or suggestions with these!
Ahh, yeah, there was some confusion. I actually thought there is already a built-in OpenID support, so I was thinking the plugin differently too. ^^

One thing I can think of for Hubzilla as a consumer is to lock down password-login and use OpenID only. A sort of alternative to #2FA since we don't have it (yet, hopefully). But other than that, I don't know.

But yeah, we need Hubzilla to be a provider. :)  (Especially with what I have in mind… using HZ as my auth elsewhere.)
There's a plugin to allow operation as a "traditional" openid provider. OpenID Connect is a completely different beast from traditional openid. I intentionally didn't add the ability to use traditional openid for system authentication since nobody supports traditional openid any more and it isn't generally a good thing to use obsolete technology for security. If you install the plugin you *can* use an openid on the remote-auth page and this will allow you access to anything with 'anybody authenticated' permission which you otherwise couldn't see. That's as far as we went with it.
So, I did a "chgrp -R web" on the directories mentioned in the installation manual, then changed (where necessary) the permissions to 775. It seems to be working. On, these were also the instructions for WordPress. I'm not sure if it's solved the problem of the system unpredictably logging me out, as that has already happened once. But we shall see.
[Solved] Feeds and Channels

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I'm trying to add a feed to post into a channel (let's call this "Hubzilla Channel Page"). After searching and reading, I can't get it to work.

This is what I did, is this process correct?

  • Admin enables "Allow Feeds as Connections"
  • Admin enables "Channel Sources" feature
  • Switch to "Hubzilla Channel Page" ("Page" for clarity)
  • Add as _new connection_ https://sub.domain.tld/feed_name/ (a.k.a. "Feed Channel")
  • Enable "Channel Sources" feature for "Hubzilla Channel Page"
  • Go to "Channel Sources" > "New Source"
  • Under the "Channel Name" field, enter: https://sub.domain.tld/feed_name/ and click "Submit"

If the above steps are correct, what could cause it to fail in Step 7 with error: Failed to create source. No channel selected.

My feed is:

When it was added as a "connection" in Step 4, the connection has the following details:
  • Link on name: chanview?f=&hash=
  • Connected:
  • Network: RSS/Atom - Recent activity
  • Primary address:
  • Available locations:

I tried adding as "Channel Sources" the following as well:
  • (without the trailig slash)
  • The channel ID
  • The name showing in 'connections' page

But all resulted in the same error: Failed to create source. No channel selected.

If I go to /admin/channels/ there is no channel for the "Feed Channel".

What did I do wrong?

Thank you!
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The latter. New channel exclusive for the feed.
The feed url is not necessarily the name which goes in channel sources. Once you've enabled the feed you should start to see some posts - assuming the feed posts something regularly. Now look at one of these posts. It will contain the name that needs to go into channel sources. On the channel sources page start typing the name and wait for it to auto-complete. This step will *only* work correctly if you use an auto-completed name.
Ahh, the autocomplete, that's what's missing. After a few tests, it appears that on my end the browser's remember fields feature is interfering with the autocomplete drop-down but when I turned it off, I can see the autocomplete fine. I'm not sure if it's only on my end or the browser I'm using which is Firefox 62.0b16, under Windows 7.
Federation issues

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!Hubzilla Support Forum

Has anyone worked up a comprehensive list of federation issues or just "things to keep in mind"?  I don't currently do any non-zot federation, but am considering the possibility for a hub that may host non-technophiles.  It'd be good to be able manage expectations and tell people on the "front end" about known issues rather than have them complain that it doesn't work as they expect.

I know there is some info in docs and some spread around in posts in support and other places.  If anyone is already keeping track, it could help others out as well.
one that comes to my mind,
well, there are many small (or large depending on the point of view) things such as the use of BBcode that is not completely translated, ex.:

[s]I write with strike[/s]

in diaspora you can see some little disasters when you read the posts of people who use these things in hubzilla...

But there are hundreds of "little" things like this.
Unfortunately, I've learned from experience, I can either spend time  working to make things better or spend time trudging through every social network out there combing them for the "hundreds of little things like this" and never have time to code. Personally, I don't use federation, but I know it is important to some and can be a draw while the Grid is as small as it is.  Once Hubzilla takes over the world, everyone will see the genius of Zot and want to copy it.  For now, we're stuck federating.

That would be a second reason for a consolidated list.  So those who want to get their hands a little dirty and pick off low hanging fruit know where they can be helpful and can work on pain points that make a difference rather than just picking off stuff that they themselves notice (though, that is great when it happens also!)
in diaspora you can see some little disasters when you read the posts of people who use these things in hubzilla...

Sometimes total disasters:


From the diaspora side of things, the most confusing thing by far for me was how forums post (do not) federate. A diaspora user sees a post, there is no indication it's somehow special. He makes a comment, another diaspora user replies, and they are having nice time until the OP replies to some hubzilla user and then the diaspora users realize they were missing most of the conversation.
Search for non-logged in users?

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Maybe I am just missing some obvious setting, but is there a way to allow non-logged in users to use the search functionality for a channel? Right now it seems to just redirect with some ugly error messages popping up.

If searching like that isn't possible, is there an option to hide the search button from view for non-logged in users instead?

Thanks for the help.
That was a regression and was #fixed some minutes ago...
Is it possible to subscribe to Hubzilla connections and channels as RSS feeds?
@Michael why my id is in your link? you made some dark magic? or you just pick mine randomly?
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@Albatroz Jeremias If you're logged-in it magically converts.

The original post was only forward-slash feed forward-slash, if I remember correctly.


Edit: which obviously I don't know how to do :p
Well, the resulting bbcode is [observer.baseurl]/feed/[observer.webname]. What shortcut (if any) was used to produce it, I don't know.

@Albatroz Jeremias That's called an observer-dependent output. It's used aplenty in the hubzilla documentation.
In my queue statistics, I have a total of 66 stuck queues.  Two destination URLs, I don't have a connection with anyone (probably a clone of a channel I'm connected to?)

If I understand this correctly, this queue if not processed will make different channels and/or hubs from syncing. Anything that can be done with it? Force it or last resort, delete it? Or I misunderstood what it was for?

!Hubzilla Support Forum
It went up to 80+ yesterday and when I checked this morning, it's back down to 50.

I'm only getting it for these three hubs:

Total EntriesDestination URLPriority

I also have three other questions (decided to just include it here so as not to spam the group):

Other Q1: In the "Activity Filters" widget, what makes a Channel appear in the Forums category? There is one channel I created where I've incorrectly picked the "Forums" channel type on creation, that keeps appearing in the Forums category after changing the channel type (even to a Social type).

I'm suspecting the Activity Filters widget does not refresh and simply use the first "version" of each channel?

Other Q2: How do you add another account as admin? If I remember correctly in Friendica it's possible via the Admin > Account interface but in Hubzilla it's simpler -- block, delete (and another option). I tried searching the docs but failed to find information.

Other Q3: How do you delete an entry in util/config? I was reading and tried to follow it but it turns out there are missing < > in the said file. I ended up adding a setting config[config][family] = system that I want to delete. ^^;

Thank you!
q0: parlementum is dead. Not sure about the others. These queue entries don't really hurt anything so I suggest just letting them go. They'll expire after 3-4 days if they can't be delivered, and the dead sites will eventually be marked dead; but it can take a month to make that determination. There have been a number of sites come back after a few weeks of being dead.  Hubzilla only attempts to deliver to unresponsive sites once every several hours so they shouldn't be loading your system in any measurable way.  

q1: give it time. But if you need to know, a forum is assumed if a channel has 'tag_deliver' permissions enabled and 'send_stream' permissions disabled. In human terms: they allow you to post to their channel with ! mention tags and are otherwise ignoring your day-to-day post activity. It takes a few days for changes to work their way through the network. Sometimes more if you aren't starting a Cron task regularly.

q2: add 4096 to account roles in the db. For security there is no possible way of becoming admin from a web interface.

q3: remove it from the db. There probably should be a way to do Config::Delete from util/config but it doesn't exist today.
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Ahh! Got it, thank you very much! :)
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Is it possible to mount external webdav storage within Hubzilla?
Just some links for the bold and audacious soul who may want to try their hand...
@Mike Macgirvin I've always liked how your mind works, you think outside the box. :)
Just some links for the bold and audacious soul who may want to try their hand...

This means SabreDAV (and therefore Hubzilla) already contain an abstraction of a WebDAV client. So at this point, most everything mentioned in this thread is just a matter of sitting down and working it out. The hard work is already done.
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Hi, I'm curious about creating a Forum vs. Federated social profile for my local hackerspace. Forum sounds like the best choice, but I'd like it to be as public and federated as possible, ideally being used and admin'ed by a variety of people in Diaspora and other services. Still new to Hubzilla, so tips appreciated as I read over the documentation!
Concerning your forum you can add ActivityPub to this forum so that it can be followed by others not only hubzillians.
I indeed spent some fun time doing it!
@sunjam our channel is a forum. its pretty much same as normal channel, where multiple people can send their posts into.
One thing to keep in mind, posts send to forum by other users are not auctomatically federated (relayed) by forum channel to protocols like diaspora or activitypub (mastodon, gnusocial etc). Specially that those protocols dont know what is forum. Only when users themselfs federate to those networks and only posts written by th eforum profile will be federated.