Error connecting to the db
Just noticed my log flodded with:
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 7 no connection to the server
2018-05-22T20:50:59Z:LOG_ERR::dba_driver.php:459:db_logger: dba_pdo: ERROR: SELECT id FROM photo WHERE resource_id = '"XXXxxxxXXXXXXXxxx' LIMIT 1;

I saw that issue the other day aswell. Despite the error hub works and I can see other queries execute. Any idea whatsup? @Mario Vavti
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Hm. I can't see anything wrong with that query (except for the " in resource id - but i guess that is a typo on your end?).
How do you connect to your server? It might be that the connection was lost due to a unreliable network connectivity (just a wild guess).
Hi! :)
I already posted this on other places, but finally I hope I can reach you...
How is hubzilla dealing with scalibility? I don't see any queue manager or redis to cache database queries... How do you deal with big instances which you can't anymore scale vertically?

Props... and great work guys \o/
You add more entire hubs ☺
Bug with privacy group creation

I think there is a bug with privacy group creation.
If your webbrowser is set in English, then a Privacy group names "Friends" is created. Then, if for some reasons your webbrowser is set in another language (for example if you're on a trip), then, a new Privacy group is created in this language. So you endup with two different privacy group...
Mario, if it happens when I accept connections with a private channel role. As new connections are added to the Friends Private group, it creates if in English if on an English FIrefox, and in another other language if firefox is set to another language. So, I get connections in two differents groups, some in "Friends" and some in "Amis" (french translation of Friends)
I see. Thanks for the explanation.
Problems with connection ignored/deleted

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I have some struggle with the difference between ignoring a channel connection and deleting it. It seems to me that the only difference is that the ignored channel appears in the connections page, so we can change its statu at any time. The deleted one is completely removed so doesn't even appear in this connections page. Is that correct or are there any other differences?

The seconde point seems like a bug to me. Channel A creates a connection with Channel B. Channel B deletes this connection when it receives the approval notification. So Channel B appears in Channel A connections list with a one-way sign. But when Channel A goes on Channel B page, there is the "+Connect" button on Channel B's avatar. That's kind of confusing because even if the connection wasn't approved by channel B, the connection exists on Channel A side...
so there is no much difference? I still don't get it...
a deleted contact disappears,
while the ignored contact is always there, on the list, ready to be "admitted to your  harem".

Another thing: if you initially accept and then later ignore, the person in question does not even realize, on the contrary if you eliminate  he notices.
A connection is nothing more than a grant of permissions.

An ignored connection still receive your stream (and any other permissions you have granted them). You just aren't listening or receiving anything they write.

A deleted connection has the same rights as the general public.
Wiki: problem with revert

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I'm doing some tests in order to understand how wiki work.
I have a problem with the "revert" option. When I click on it, I have this message: "Page reverted by not save". However, there is no "Save" button. I tried to click on this message, but nothing happened. And when I go to the edit page (where the is a save button), nothing changed, the content was not reverted, so nothing to be saved.

Is that a bug or just that there is something I didn't get?
Distributed Troll-blockers

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Hi there, we now meet Simon the Troll and we now have to deal with blocking a user. I recall there are ways to block a user from my hub but I realize that we all need to discover Simon and block 'em separately on each hub.

So, here is my thought; is there a need for a distributed blocking mechanism or at least a kind of warning mechanism. Before we even reach world domination we will eventually stumble on our first threatened user, the first sexual abuse, the first fraud and in this case there is not a single point to contact, each and every one of us must both discover the problem and block it. Thinking of it many face-book frauds would work here too (like pretending being a friend on vacation with a stolen wallet and passport) but I am not as highly specialized on Hubzilla as the techs are on face-book.

I realize this need to be scrutinized and done with delicate care, we would like to distribute an indication of a troll but not start a bad reputation because of an misunderstanding.

Perhaps we need to do some strategic and philosophical thinking here?

@Michael MD said "my comment was about the worry about much more serious and very real network-wide threats like automated spam or organised trolling
(by "organised" I mean someone hiring lots of people to do some kind of deliberate trolling - a nasty kind of threat that has been seen in places like facebook in recent years)

A while ago I had an elgg server which became totally inoperative because of these trolls who filled the blog without substance and added links that went to their interests. I could not cope to erase their intrusions.
If these people learn how to fill our streams with garbage, then we're screwed.

The second problem the only solution I see is educating. Unfortunately the lynchings exist and I am pessimistic that they disappear, we can try to mitigate them.

Sorry, I'm sorry I did not understand the problem and stay on the surface.
As long as you choose a privacy role besides 'social -federation', everything you see in your stream is the result of you personally allowing it. You can also personally disallow it. If you choose 'social-federation', you give up this control and your privacy.  Unfortunately this is the choice that every other decentralised communication software provider has made. And nobody questions this because they find it convenient to 'follow tags' and comment on posts of people you've never met. With this convenience comes the ability to spam the entire federation/fediverse.

The entire reason (and I've said this before) for the rise of the 'social network' in computer history is because of email spam. People needed a safe place to communicate only with friends and without all the advertising noise. Now, Facebook and other "social networks" are one of the largest sources of advertising noise and unsolicited/undesired communications. Email has been given to the wolves - nobody is seriously fighting email spam any more.

If you don't learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.

If you want to keep your exposure to spam at a minimum, turn off or disable the public stream and set your privacy role to something besides 'social-federation'.  Then the only way you are going to see unwanted stuff is "friends of friends" and public forums. Public forums can remove members and even disable automatic joining (this is new), but in an extreme case you may be forced to disconnect from or block the forum. You can still communicate with your immediate friends, and the site admin doesn't need to become a 'nanny' or 'censor' for their members. You're in control of your own stream. This is really the only solution which can ever actually work. If you allow unfiltered and unrestricted communications from anybody in the world, ultimately that's exactly what you're going to get.
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We are looking into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the public sector, and if we are, so are spammers. RPA lowers the bar for becoming an advanced spammer, i.e. more will appear as long as there is a profit. Put simply, RPA is the modern form of the Windows 3.1 Macro Recorder utility, you record a script of user actions, then replay it like a robot to automate boring tasks a human would do, and today this includes combining / stringing together normal GUI and browser automation, OCR and image recognition, as well as working with APIs across networks. RPAs are available as commercial platforms - proprietary and FLOSS - or at no cost on Github, with support for general purpose programming languages like Python for their automation scripts to leverage a vast number of Python libraries like sentiment analysis. All this means sofisticated automated spamming of your social stream from a botnet of fake accounts is a script kiddie away, and the only way to stop it from infecting you is by using a digital prophylactic like Mike suggests to be safe.
defective list representation

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Both cards - s.  Attachment - contains this code:

[*] line 1
[*] line 2
[*] line 3
Both hubs has the Hubzilla version 3.4. Why is the representation on defective?


Visit also or What can hubmin to do for debugging of list representation on this hub?

= Attachment =

@Hubzilla Development+ @Hubzilla Support Forum+ #ListRepresentation #ListDefective
Can you send me one link, where I can get information about markdown in Hubzilla context.

Not sure what you mean. Basically if you enable markdown, you can use markdown. Obviously bbcode will break in certain situations when doing so.
Not sure what you mean.

My fallacy. I forgot, that Markdown one autonomous language is ;-|.
btw noticing a small issue with colours here.
some of the text (the reshared parts) in this thread rendered here as black.

I have dark settiings in the theme here.

I could still see the text (albeit with poor contrast) because the dark background colour is not black, but if it were black that text might be invisible!
How to add mail-only contact?

!Hubzilla Support Forum
cc: @Sheltered Side
I searched this forum, development forum, wiki and documentation and could not find a recipe how to add a connection using e-mail only.
The goal is of course to reach people who are not interested in setting up any kind of account, but still they wish to participate via sort of a mailing list interface. It is also for personal email contacts, so I could get rid of some less secure mail channels.

I remember there was a procedure for that in Friendica and I am pretty sure I read at least a mention of it for Hubzilla. But now I just cannot find anything...
Folks, the person that is going to coordinate it from our side is @Abaramotorai and the AnarchoTech for people . He joined our group in developer capacity. Thank you for your encouragement.  We will probably open a channel to manage the process and we will surely invite you there.
As soon as we finish with wind turbine monitoring unit, we go ahead with this problem.
So, here it is. Unless I messed up the contact/privacy settings (still my intuition needs re-training), you should be able to join.

Welcome to GOING POSTAL.
Yes, I'm doing exactly that. I'm putting the pieces together so I can deliver some sort of answer this week for connecting the turbine info with a web server and than create our page with this specifications. I'm totally with my hands on this this week.

Thank you stonehead!
!Hubzilla Support Forum  Twice now in recent days, I have posted a message and had the message editor remain (with the message still in it) after the message had been posted. With only two incidents, I don't really have much more I can tell you, but maybe someone else has seen this happen. I'm guessing there is some connection to the new draft message saving feature.

I'm running 3.4 and using FF 60.0.1 under Windows 7.
yeah I got the same thing. Plus there is not "cancel" button.
Cancel was implemented sometime last week. The update should reach your site in due course.
I had to delete the content to make it go away (after confirming that what I was seeing below it was really a post and not a preview).
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!Hubzilla Support Forum
Who's working on user documentation? I'd like to get in touch with them.
I'd like to contribute, if possible.
It's best to post your thoughts publicly on the forum unless they are sensitive in nature somehow. In that case, you can send me a direct message and I'll try to help out.
Activity pub federation question

So regarding federation with activityPub servers I wanted to get some clarity on few things.
From my observations:

1. When posting on hubzilla my posts are not visible to users on say mastodon until they connect to me.
2. I dont see activitypub public posts unless someone (or me) follows specific user on activitypub site
3. If the person on activitypub site (mastodon) did not follow me back, I cant comment on hist posts.

I do understand point 2 clearly (that could change if mastodon gets their own relay servers which apareantly they are talking about). As for point 1 and 3.Why is that happening? Is it a restriction on hubzilla side, mastodon or activitypub protocol?
What permission role are you using, and have you updated from git in the last day or two? There was a bug in the public-federation permissions discovered recently. This affects 3 in a big way. 1 is possibly a result of your own permission settings or the fact that we typically don't broadcast posts to every known federated site in the universe but only send them to the sites of connections (plus relays if it's a public post and you have Diaspora enabled).
@Mike Macgirvin yes we pulled the recent change to the public post issue so commenting in public stream works now (thanks btw). But the quesiton is strictly about activitypub (mastodon). I see I cant comment on posts of mastodon users unless they share back with me.

And yeah as far as number 1 goes i guess it makes sense (since even mastodon does it this way). But what I noticed is that when I search for hubzilla user on mastodon, I can see them, see how many posts they made and even if I share any connections, however I can see the content of the posts. Only after I share with that hubzilla channel from mastodon, and I would only see new posts.

!Hubzilla Support Forum

In the connection editor one can use several connection tools: Fetch Vcard, refresh permissions, refresh photos.
Do I have to manually refresh these informations? If not what is their intention?
Just to clarify this: ignore has the same meaning as if I ignore an already approved connection?

Ignored+pending is treated slightly different than just ignored. I think the major difference is that we won't alert you that the connections is still pending.

When I click on edit the connection editor I cannot edit the individual permissions because I first have to approve the connection. But I already can assign the connection to privacy groups. Is there a reason behind this behaviour?

That's the way it was written and we wanted to get Hubzilla into the real world today instead of going through every possible permutation and releasing 25 years from now.

When you delete the connection the table row is physically removed from the abook (addressbook) table. As we now show one-sided connections on your profile page it is possible for somebody to discover that they are deleted or blocked or something. They can also look at delivery reports and see that posts/comments were not delivered for various reasons. If you want them to think you're still friends and not be able to notice that you're ignoring them in some way I recommend using the affinity tool.
That's the way it was written and we wanted to get Hubzilla into the real world today instead of going through every possible permutation and releasing 25 years from now.

Sorry but I'm professionally related to software development and quality assurance. I have to ask such things ;-)
And I'm scared that I miss some hidden killer feature. :-)
Which plugins have to be activated by a hub admin to support connections to other networks?
Diaspora Protocol for Diaspora and Friendica?
GNU-Social Protocol and PubSubHubBub for GNU-Social?
PubCrawl for Mastodon? Does this also require PubSubHubBub?

Did I miss something?
Add a profile - Help page

!Hubzilla Support Forum
In the help page, it is said that: "To create an alternate profile, first go to Settings > Additional Features and enable "Multiple Profiles" there, otherwise you won't have the ability to use more than just your default profile."
It seems to me that this option doesn't exist, that you can create multiple profile by default. Am I correct?
By default, it is a member preference. In this case the hub admin enabled and also locked the feature in the enabled state. They can also lock it in the disabled state. I'm not certain you want to add this clause to the description of every feature that exists. It would of course be nice if our documentation could note and be conditional with the precise state of the admin settings, but that's an issue for another day.
I will keep that in mind if I come to this part of the documentation.
Thanks for the clarifications!
!Hubzilla Support Forum Hi friends! Since the update to 3.4 it does not load the stream, network or home on my mobile: SO Replicant 6 / Lightning Browser. So far, so good.  The other parts of Hubzilla do work properly. Any ideas?
You need to enable the wordpress addon in your channel addon settings.
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But it doesn't show up, that's the problem.
It seems to be enabled on that hub from what i see. Maybe it helps to disable and re-enable it by the admin. I can't reproduce the issue, so it's hard to tell...
Create a new channel - Validate

!Hubzilla Support Forum
When you create a new channel, there are two buttons: Validate and Create.

What does Validate mean? Checking if you can create the channel? So you first validate and then create?

I ask myself the same question. I tryed to create a new channel and clck create but yes why validate.
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If you want to be helpful, figure out how to validate when you click submit and stay on the page if it doesn't validate. I tried to do this but couldn't get it to stay on the page (without losing anything you've selected/typed so far) if something went wrong - so created the validate button to accomplish this. Once you've done that we can get rid of the button. Thank you.

[edit: AND preview the name we chose if the one that you chose is taken; before actually submitting. If 'andrew' is taken you might not like andrew4977 and might want something more reflective of you.]
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I think I understand the reason If you keep validation please remove the other button and show it when it is validated. It is very confusing for user. The best (if validation is important according to you) is to add one more step.
If the validation is not important. maybe put it very small and not a button like the other one. Because we understand Yer or No Validate or Create. .... If I validate I will not be able to create. What I am doing... I want to create a channel ok Create then the validate scare.
Pin a comment on top of all the comments

!Hubzilla Support Forum
#hubzilla #support #comment #pin #thread
Most of the times a post have a question in it and there would be a correct answer to it or a comment that needs special attention. Pining of the comments can help the audience to find the answer quickly  and with ease by not reading the entire thread for the best solution.
So, is there a way to pin a comment on the top of the post ? If no, then can the owner of the post edit and reflect a comment in the post as best answer?
So, is there a way to pin a comment on the top of the post ? If no, then can the owner of the post edit and reflect a comment in the post as best answer?

No. No (*).

Technically the owner  can edit or delete a comment on their own thread, but currently only the delete functionality is reflected in the UI. You can handcraft a URL which will in fact edit the post.
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!Hubzilla Advocacy !Hubzilla Support Forum Good evening/day Hubzillies, good morning Mike!

There is a very interesting discussion on the Hubzilla Support Forum which I really appreciated for all the very constructive content as it also got me thinking about what I want to do with my hub... where, as of now, a personal friend of mine and myself are the only channel owners.

Shall I "open" it to other people (who I don't know personally) by making it public?

Honestly, hosting a hub for other people than yourself is a huge responsibility even without considering the new EU wide regulations. I wouldn't want to take that responsibility other than for immediate family and (close) friends. It's just a matter of trust on multiple levels.

But the subject of Data-Privacy in general and the GDPR could also be addressed as a very strong argument for SELF-hosting your channel on your OWN hub (by using a web-hosting provider, if you don’t have the means to do it “at-home”). We know it's not (much) more difficult than setting & getting up a WordPress instance...

So as I have been helping several dozens of people and friend’s blogs and businesses getting their stuff out on the web since 1998, I could do the very same for whoever would like to open a Hubzilla instance...

Sure, Hubzilla as of now, is indeed a very complex beast and not everyone is capable of understanding and/or maintaining it. To change that, by making it less complex and educating "the many" people to run it themselves - THAT would truly change the way we deal with privacy, data and the social side of networking.

Hubzilla is not there yet. It still needs a too steep learing curve for the user and for a Hubmin, it requires regular interventions to maintain a secure and up-to-date operation. But if I look back on WordPress - just as an example, not necessarily a role model - the WP auto-updater for core and (many)plugins changed my life so much... I might only spend 10% of the time I used before to support the website owners who relied on my (free) services... why shouldn't that also be possible with a software wich is already so good, that there is no real challenger to the depth and width of it's functionality...

My host offers a Hubzilla compatible package starting from EUR 6,36/month - and I am sure there are many even cheaper/better options available on the market.

If a professional/commercial ISP/WebHost would put that idea into life as part of their regular business model - by supporting a domain/hub customer as they do with (some) their website business - regulary just pushing updated software to their customers, keeping the databases consistent and leaving the whole administration & content alone - I'd be the first in line to buy and recommend such a service to everyone I know! It would, for sure require a MAJOR work for the developers - and it might actually be too much to ask for.

In my humble opinion, only THEN Hubzilla could be a major enabler to have it's potential "many users" truly OWN their DATA... otherwise it's only enabling those who have what it takes to run and operate a hub. Which is absolutely great and the reason why I use it.

But: Anything less than that, a solution provided by a friend or a community is a compromise. Not necessarily a bad compromise. But the question remains: Why should I / can I trust that friend/community/company with my personal data?

It needs time, it needs a community, it needs people helping people.

I know nothing – but I’m willing to learn and to share.

That’s why I am here.
giac, I am asking about something different. Above, commercializing hubzilla was mentioned.
If some web hoster sells cheap virtual servers with managed hubzilla installations to several millions of people, those people may think that they own their data, because they "own" their hub.
However, this web hoster will be able to read data from all hubs that are running in his company. Individual hubs may be decentralized virtually, but still a single company would be able to access all of them.
My point is that hubzilla only makes sense if no company has access to more than some critical number of channels. Is this paranoid or not?
-...but still a single company would be able to access all of them-
it' s a sort of 'centralization'  so...what I said in the comment before

people must be awake and understand who the administrators are, for those who work etc ....
YunoHost is a self hosting platform which can be bundled on Debian. If any of the hosting provider can integrate over there Debian OS , app packages can be installed from web interface which is very easy to install for end user.

Hubzilla package with working install,update,backup and restore script.
Friendica package with working install,update,backup and restore script.
Mastodon package with working install,update,backup and restore script.

All the packaged apps for Yunohost.

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Hello, I have some small questions about invitations:
1. Where can I see pending invitations? Specially which invitations are open not only the number.
2. Where can I as a hub admin limit the number of invitations other members can use?

Thanks, Thorsten
Done :-)
wow impressed . Already !!! That was quick
Only added to the github issue.
"Advanced" search

!Hubzilla Support Forum
How could someone search a word in a post that was published on a forum?
Here is why: I know I read something about inserting photo on the hubzilla support forum. I remember that there were no tag on it. So I tried to search the word "photo" . But obviously I then see any posts with this word from the whole network.

So, is there is a better way to find something than the magnifying glass icon on the nav bar?

If not, it would be neat if there could exist advance searching tools.
One thing you can do is visit the forum channel page, so that when you search you are searching the database of the forum hub and not just imported content on your own hub, which will typically be less complete, especially if you are expiring remote content on your hub.
There is an advanced directory (people) search. It's not well documented.

There is not currently an advanced content search from the navbar.

You may be able to muck with the url on your network page and achieve the desired results if the post hasn't been expired on your site yet. Select the support forum from the forum widget. You'll now see a URL with{some number}

add "&search=photo" onto the end of that url and that should give you just the posts/comments to the forum which contain the word photo.
Caching question / hubzilla scalability

Is it possible to use Redis as caching between db and hubzilla? Did anyone tried any caching?