Last days I had some problems with the server load and I suspect Hubzilla. Also there is a Moodle instance on the same server it stopped after turning off Hubzilla. Several times the server load increased  up to a complete crash. Afterwards several Hubzilla tables (e.g. item) where crashed, too. I had that problem also some month ago. I couldn't find something in the logs.
Is there something know about such a problem?
Screenshot of the processes was the best I could do ...

Delivery issues?
 Halle (Saale) 
Hello !Hubzilla Support Forum
anyone else noticed delivery issues with dev branch today? Since approx. 24 hours my messege queue is growing (1090 at the moment). Delivery of outgoing comments is postponed several hours. I see that issue mostly with Diaspora protocol (Diaspora, Friendica).
Incoming post and comments are ok. They're showing up in my network stream within seconds.
I have no high load and there are no obvious errors in the log files.

The top 10 entries of my queue:

377    10
71    640
54    20
51    0
43    0
42    0
39    700
34    0
33    0
23    570
 from Friendica
Whoa! All the comments arrived at once on Friendica. But 30 minutes late. 😀
Last night, in an attempt to put a like in a diaspora post, I broke the vilarejo hub.
Even today it is unfortunately off-line.

As already described in the other post I do not know what happened, because the only thing we have done in recent days has been to update (we have always been in dev).
But after the update began a hell that seems far to end.
clone or import export unsucessfull
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Hello I try to move a chanel by creating by import. It did not work. Then I created export file of the empty channel then of the content year by year

I could create a channel but when I import a content I have nothing. I check the item table is still empty.

I don't now what do you need for imformation.
take a look at the size of the json files.
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Is it possible as an admin to automaticaly by default pinned few apps.
I would like to pin Activity , contacts and channel home. by default for all channel.
!Hubzilla Support Forum

I think it is maybe too early to ask that kind of question but you can clone a channel from a hub to an other one.

Is it possible to clone or transfer a full hub from a domaine to an other domain

Is it possible to transfer or migrate hubzilla to osada.. Maybe just one command line and it's done. or one parameter somewhere.
About hubzilla commenting on diaspora

 Summer Island 
updated. @swimming in the ocean🏊 can you confrim its fixed?

After observation, I found that the clone channel is also the same.
Not just dishub

Thank you, the dishub is back to normal
Star Posts

!Hubzilla Support Forum
From the doc:
"Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator"

Yet it now appears a Star can ONLY be placed on the main post of a THREAD and not any single POST within that conversation (which is what I want to do).

Is this intended? Or is there a config option I've overlooked?
Yes, I like Save To Folders yet use that more as a permanent, organized collection of bookmarks.  

Star, to me, is a signal to do something later (like read, respond, tell a friend...) and I'll toggle it off when done.  A ToDo list related to posts (and/or comments).

I've also seen where star is used to signal approval (emoticons, too), much like the Thumbs Up LIKE.
As far as I know stars are not seen by others, so not suitable to signal approval.
Indeed.  And I also see a Ratings addon better for that purpose.
favicon switching

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I'm one of those people with TOO MANY TABS open in my browser all the time... so I rely on the icon a lot to find my way around.

Most of the time, MY favicon shows on my site... but when I click a Network Activity post entry (in the sidebar), it retrieves that thread, scrolls to the entry, and changes the icon to a default logo (hubzilla?) even though I am still on my site (have not clicked away to original post domain).

It does the same thing when click (self-hosted) documentation link.

Is there reasoning behind this behavior or is it just an oversight?
Basically there are two types of apps. Your personal and system apps.
We show your profile image when you use a personal app and the hubzilla logo on system apps.
Okay, I'll have to look closer at that difference.

It SEEMS like viewing my full Network stream (my icon) should be the same as when I click a network Notification and am taken to the specific new post or comment within my stream (hubzilla logo).
Hubzilla Settings Restructuring

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Here is the deal:

Every app (a.k.a. module) with settings will have its own settings page accessible either from the app store and from the module UI itself (settings icon beside the app name in the panel).

This will deprecate the additional features and addon settings.

I think this will ease most of the usability issues with settings we have.

If you have any objections, speak now or be quiet forever.

!Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum
 from Friendica
No. From yesterday.
Pulled again. Ah! Much better. :-)
I agree : exemple the question Start calendar week on Monday could be on the calendar not on channel setting. That will be one less paramater. This is only my last example but you can find a lot like this.

Is anyone maintaining an up to date installable version for andhub anywhere? Did a quick search and couldn't find one. I know there was one somewhere because I have it installed! Lol.

!Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum
I don't think the app is 100% for now, as i am not experienced with all this and also not a real dev, I still hope to get help on this. But if you all really want i will try to get Nomad on F-Droid. Just give me a few weeks.
In meanwhile i will upload apk's on nextcloud, feel free to download it here

A litle reminder, apk's are not signed yet. Will get on that as soon i get the app on F-Droid.

Thanks @muppeth for supporting me on this :-)
Oh, i almost forgot. I created a Nomad channel
Thanks a lot for the link, following now!
 my house near the sea 
in recent times, the vilarejo hub was going well.
Some time ago we had a sort of spring cleaning ;-) , and it was fine.
starting from these days it went really well until the last week.

We have always been in DEV version.

Now, in the last week, after updating (it was a few weeks since we were not updating) it's an hell again.
But we do not have an explanation, because no new members have arrived, with new connections, etc. ... Nothing new in that sense.
So something happened in the code probably.
The error that  is giving is something  as: too many connections, number of simultaneous connections to the database.
Someone (with DEV)  is experiencing something like that in the last week ?
!Hubzilla Support Forum
I have been scanning merges for the last week or so and haven't seen anything that would even touch on it. Granted, I haven't carefully read each and every merge, but nothing obvious comes to mind. Maybe go back through them and see?

Also, since your hub address is actually public - it wouldn't take much for a script-kiddie to find it and bang away at it even without someone on your hub doing something to create more connections. And if one of the other projects suddenly starts behaving as a bad network neighbor in sending updates (i.e., a code change on their side), it could affect you just as much as a Hubzilla code change.

Trying to track log files to the time of the event can be tricky. Even just a minute by minute tracker that logs the time and the system load and maybe some key mysql stats may help you look at your http logs and/or your Hubzilla to find a pattern.
a code change on their side

yes, I was also thinking about diaspora (since we federate with the diaspora protocol in addition to zot - we do not use pubcrawl here also in order not to overload further.)
another problem is that I am just a helper in the administration of the hub ;-), who has full power in the server is unfortunately too busy in other things.

!Hubzilla Support Forum
I tried the bookmark addon but it appears to save ALL LINKS within a post to a (sub)menu/list.  Useful, but I'm really looking to bookmark a POST ITSELF... trying to organize details on certain aspects of Hubzilla where I've found some answers (and to help  update the doc at some point, I hope).

Is there a way to mark a post?

In the gear dropdown, I found Save To Folder but it doesn't seem to do anything... maybe it's for saving any attachments?  

And a star, to me, is a signal to Read Later and then I toggle it off.  I want a more permanent collection of bookmarks and would prefer to use an native tool (dog food), if possible.

I just want to collect and organize posts and/or threads.  Is there!Hubzilla Support Forum
Just to confirm: Once created, saved folders are not currently editable by end-users?
Just to confirm: Once created, saved folders are not currently editable by end-users?

Depends on what you're asking for. A folder is basically a tag which only you can see. You can't change an existing folder name easily, but open a saved folder and you can delete the referenced folder name (tag) from any of the posts/comments in that (virtual) container. If there are no more posts saved to that folder it vanishes.
Yes. I meant there's no UI to change a "folder'" name or delete it. But that'll do nicely. Perfect. Thanks.
Friends not seeing photos in limited-visibility posts

Using the mobile interface, I've twice now created limited-visibility posts with photos in them, and friends on other platforms report that they can see the text but not the photo. One person mentioned that it appears to be a permissions issue.

One post was to "Friends" and another was to "Acquaintances" (a custom privacy group that I created). I checked the photos in the photo album and they have the correct privacy group used for the visibility setting. (That is, it matches the visibility I set in the original post to which I uploaded the photo.) Two friends who noted issues are on Diaspora, one is on Friendica.

I checked my own Diaspora and Friendica accounts.
* My Hubzilla account has connected to my D* account and put it in the "Friends" and the "Acquaintances" privacy groups. My Diaspora account is also connected back to my Hubzilla account and has it in the "Friends" and "Acquaintances" aspects. It successfully sees the posts *and* the photos.
* My Hubzilla account is connected to my Friendica account and has it in the "Acquaintances" privacy group. My Friendica account is connected to my Hubzilla account and notes that it is a "Mutual Friendship". However, the Friendica account sees only text in the Hubzilla's account post.
* All connected accounts see both text and photos in public posts from the Hubzilla account.

Two things are puzzling me:
1. Why my D* account can see photos in my limited-visibility posts but my Diaspora friends cannot.
2. Why my Friendica account cannot see uploaded photos in my limited-visibility posts but can see the text.

Am I perhaps not using Hubzilla's fiddlybits correctly? Or do my friends have to do something on their end to allow my photos to come through in posts?

* My Hubzilla account has connected to my D* account and put it in the "Friends" and the "Acquaintances" privacy groups. My Diaspora account is also connected back to my Hubzilla account and has it in the "Friends" and "Acquaintances" aspects. It successfully sees the posts and the photos.

Make sure that you're not logged in to Hubzilla in another tab or another window when you run this test. Click LOGOUT before performing this test or use a "private" browser window instead of just opening another tab to test on D*. I think you'll find that it only APPEARS that you can see the photos but your friends can't . . . because in reality, your browser is still logged in to Hubzilla.

I'm out of my depth on the details here so some of what follows might not be right, but I'll take a stab and someone can correct me.

When sharing photos with other networks (and also on Hubzilla Forums!), the photo's permissions must be marked as public or else recipients not on Hubzilla (or not explicitly granted access if they are on Hubzilla) will not be able to see them.

Even though the various networks can pass messages, there is no cross-authorization between networks. Your "privacy group" (in relation to non-Zot networks) is merely a "distribution group" (i.e., it sets the recipient list of the post on other networks) and security of the message is then handled by the network's server of the receiver, not Hubzilla.

Photos on posts aren't actually sent with the message. In reality, only the text of the message is transmitted to the other networks, the photo is simply an image link pointing back to your Hubzilla file store. Since your friends are not logged into Hubzilla and are not authenticated on your Hub, Hubzilla has no way to verify the person requesting the photo has access and so access is denied.

There is a way to KIND OF make it work by creating a Guest Access Token (see your settings page if Guest Access Tokens are enabled) and setting up the URL of the shared image properly - (including the zat=xxxxxx as a query variable in the URL of the image). This is NOT secure and very prone to various problems, however. Not the least of which is that ANYONE with the URL and ZAT value can then access the image(s) you link to in this way - so if your friends share the link, whoever they share it with will also have access.

If you need secure sharing of photos and yet must communicate via D* / Friendica - your friends will need to get a Hubzilla account somewhere and connect to you and be authorized on your hub (either locally or using the REMOTE AUTHORIZATION button on the login page). Then, as long as they are authorized/authenticated on your hub and you've shared with both their D*/Friendica/whatever account AND their Hubzilla account, they should be able to see the image. Certainly not simple, but it should be an effective "work around".
I think the guest access token / query variable type access provides a good balance between security and privacy, for example when sharing family photos. I wouldn't want to make my old father deal with logins and passwords, so it's so much easier to provide a link that includes the password. I know that a general visitor to my hubzilla site isn't going to be confronted with my boring family photos, and that these aren't going to end up in a google search.
Contacts shared folder?

What is this supposed to do: "Show in your contacts shared folder"? I've searched the internet but found only a couple of references in Git and those don't explain what I'm seeing.

I go to "Files", navigate to a folder, click on the pencil next to a file (in this case, a photo), and click the slider for "Show in your contacts shared folder" to "Yes", then "Submit". When the page refreshes, I click on "Shared" along the top bar. (According to the Git references, this is where the file should show up.) It takes me to and yet there is nothing listed there.

I go back to the file, click on the pencil again, and the slider has gone back to "No".

So, i guess there should be a missing apostrophe after "contacts" there?
"Show in your contacts' shared folder"
English isn't my native language, so I'm unsure about that.
It may be more clear to say, "Show in the 'Shared' folder of your contact(s)."

As for the grammar of adding an apostrophe, you are correct.  That would be an alternate solution.
I think your version would be a clear improvement.
Autocomplete for mentions in photo comments

Two days ago, I navigated to "Photos", found a friends-only photo, and, in a comment, did an @ mention of a friend. Autocomplete popped up and I selected my friend's account.

Today, I did the same thing on the same photo, no autocomplete. Doesn't come up on comments in public photos either.

But if I go back to my feed and, in a new post, @ mention a friend, autocomplete jumps to the task.

Any idea why autocomplete would work in posts but not photo comments? And why it worked in photo comments one day but not another?

I'm having other troubles with photos. But I'll post about that separately because it's not clear to me that the issues are related.

Thank you, @elmussol
De nada.
Fediverse Podcast

Not support but...
...there's a new podcast about the Fediverse hosted by

A knowledgeable person might do a little PR for Hubzilla... could probably get booked for a future episode.
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!Hubzilla Support Forum

can somebody explain what's the conceptual difference between #hubzilla and #zap ?
Sorry, I'dont get it.
I need a kick into the right direction....
Red is ....nothing for where Mike is doing experiments for the others software :)
@raymond Zap is using zot6, Hubzilla will use zot6 as well. So zap will federate with other zap users and hubzilla users.
I played a little with osada. And I am positively impressed. I think the difference with zap is hidden because zap looks the same than osada.
Hey all.
I got errors after update to Dev 3.7.3 on all my three hubs:
Failed Updates

How to update the DB manually, please?
Or can I just mark as done?
Thanks guys, found it:
  target_id varchar(191) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  portable_id varchar(191) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  ltype int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  KEY target_id (target_id),
  KEY portable_id (portable_id),
  KEY ltype (ltype)

Looks like my MySQL is too old (5.1.73):
"#1115 - Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4'"
Just set it to utf8 - you'll be fine. You'll miss out on  some emojis, but you aren't likely to see emjois in any of these fields.
Thanks Mike, did it. Emojis might be important for todays world, but sometimes you have to compromise.
Update _1220 was successfully applied.

... and I should finally remember what to do in such cases... (is now written down) face with rolling eyes
Moving... or cloning?

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Nomadic identity is one of the key capabilities of Hubzilla and I'll have to learn more about exactly how that works.

Just FYI, in the Mastodon world, there is a MOVE function which then displays profiles like this (but I don't think it actually does anything else):

The difference is whether or not you perform a move or a copy. Nomadic identity creates a copy. You can use any cloned identity on any server and they are kept in sync (mirrored) in case of catastrophe. I've used clones when my main site went down for a few hours. You don't have to just wait for it to come back. You can go to a clone and not even be phased by the server outage. Your stream is there, your friends are there.

When you move, it's more or less permanent. Glad to see that other providers are finally providing mobility options. A move isn't quite as good as a copy in my view, but it's much better than nothing.

The real advantage of cloning isn't apparent until you start messing around with access control. If you make a photo available to Nancy and not Eve, and any of you end up at different sites for any reason, the access control on your old content doesn't need updating. The photo is still available to Nancy and not to Eve - no matter where they are or where you are. If you were to move, all of your friends would have to change the access rights on all their published content.
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Even if it involves more functionality, MOVING seems more of a "me, too"... matching a feature that other systems probably have.  Besides, it's just right to enable people to export or transition their data (not hold it hostage to a platform).  Again, nothing to set Hubzilla apart from others.

I'm trying to fully picture cloning, though...

Say exists, call it my PRIMARY... so I clone it to, the SECONDARY, and from that point on, they sync with each other, no matter which site I log into and post comments, upload files, etc.

If my PRIMARY site goes down...
--I recognize site inaccessible so log into SECONDARY site and continue work. done.
--logging into other sites (like support forum) is now under the secondary... and so would any posts/replies I make?

--visiting my primary channel will not be possible, site down
--a message sent to my PRIMARY will arrive at the SECONDARY, so I receive it in a timely manner, good.
--will my reply under the secondary domain name be recognized?

I understand the value of unattended backup procedures (periodic/nightly) or, more correctly, continual synchronization (not just duplicating database entries but also uploaded files).  This protects my data in the best way.  This is an excellent feature.

I also understand the value of alternate access points, backing up my ability to connect to the same set of cloud tools AND my current data via multiple domain names.  This introduces multiple "identities" (probably not the right term) which can add a certain amount of confusion to the mix.

HAPPILY, my questions are nits about events that should be rare.  Under most circumstances, I use my primary and all is good in the world.  On rare occasion, I must switch to a backup approach that gets the job done in a pinch.  Backup et all are about INSURANCE.  Minimizing downtime/damage. Addressing the "what if"?

Cloning* is Hubzilla's answer.

*Depending on how the sync is done, this may be a misnomer.  Cloning implies a one-time event; synchronizing on a continual basis is a separate, additional, even more valuable thing.

(edit) OH, is /import how a clone is made?  I searched doc and don't find actual guide to cloning.  Want to do the process...
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.  :-)
Cannot get server running after upgrade and new clone of repository

Hi All,

I am using a temporary account I set up because my server is currently not working and the server I had cloned my account to is also not working.

I was attempting to update to the most recent version of hubzilla on a 14.04 Ubuntu LTS, and in the transition to framagit from github I managed to mess up the html directory on my server.  When I grabbed fresh clone I found that even a fresh copy would not run, with 500 errors, I surmised that the versions of something on my server were not compatible with the latest hubzilla and did an upgrade to 16.04.  I upgraded both php and mysql in that process.

I was able to get the latest version with a clean clone working to the point that it would bring up the stock install checklist and I was able to resolve all of the issues that it reported as needing to be resolved (php modules etc) and it will take me to the database install screen, which I did not want to continue with that as I do not want to delete my database.  When I was able to resolve all of those I copied over my htconfig from the older html folder, and the "store" directory.  The database is still in tact, as I was able to do a mysql dump and it works with the username and password that is in the htconfig file.  I am not sure if there is anything else I need to move from the old HTML directory to the new one in order for the new install to work with my old database and data.

I am to the point that I cannot figure out how to figure out what is wrong.  The message is "Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later." - which I assume means it is having some kind of problem with the database, but I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot this any further.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated to help me figure out what is going wrong.


Michael McKinsey
I am to the point that I cannot figure out how to figure out what is wrong.  The message is "Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later." - which I assume means it is having some kind of problem with the database, but I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot this any further.

I remember I had a similar issue on my first try to move Hubzilla to a new server. Everything was looking fine but I got the same error as mentioned above. On my second try I found out that there was a database permission issue.
Have you tried to login to your database via MySQL/MariaDB console?
mysql -u dbuser -pXXXXXXXX dbname
Ah! The problem was solved already. Nevermind. :-)
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Thanks @Steffen K9 🐙 - we did solve the issue as far as getting it to run (missing module that was not checked by the initial install checklist install screen).  I am still experiencing an ongoing issue with load though.

I am seeing database spikes as far as the processor load on mysql which is creating various periods where the server just stalls out and is unusuable for up to a few minutes an hour.  At first it was far more common after the upgrade more like 50-60% of the time for a couple of days and seems to have stabilized at peaking the processor for a few minutes at a time.  

Word is that you admin a larger hub and might have some advice how to tweak the config or what level of hardware is needed when you start getting more heavy use.  I have a very very light use of around 100 people (only a few have ever posted anything most are just checking in a couple times a week for updates on events they get tagged in).

Server is up at:

If you want to see what we are doing with it.  

If you have any advice or ideas about how to get the server to be more responsive.  It is actually fine most of the time but the lagging out to not responding at all for a few minutes or more an hour is what I want to resolve before I try to encourage a higher activity load with up to around 100 people.  Any thoughts or ideas about how to aporoach troubleshooting that would be greatly appreciated.