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An ex.

If I go in /pubsites  I see as FREE and as OPEN , but we have "Please enter your invitation code" in that hub.
so, there is  a way to modify and shows the right things in /pubsites?

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Greenbasic Thème for Hubzilla

Galette Saucisse
 Bretagne, France last edited: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 21:56:58 +0200  
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My first theme, be gentle ;-)

download : galettesaucisse/greenbasic

giac hellvecio
we need green :like
 Hilden (Map) 
!Hubzilla Support Forum Images enrich a page and make it more interesting. That's why it would be nice if, as in Wordpress, there would be an add-on that inserts pictures of Pixarbay into the post when creating a post, like in the vidoe below.

Channels cannot discover each other (within the same hub!)

Harper Pollock
at (docker-based installation) I set up two accounts. One is my personal, with 3 channels: general social, hardcore political and technology-oriented.
I also set up a collective account for the coop, with first channel, being general forum.
Now, I try to set up my personal technology channel to be a source for Coop general forum. The problem is that I cannot connect them. I tried both ways and I also tried to another personal channel to main forum. All ends with "Channel discovery failed".

Now I am totally lost...
Harper Pollock
bash-4.4# php --version
PHP 7.1.16 (cli) (built: Apr  9 2018 10:23:37) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.1.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies

But line 141 of the file in question says

             // Anybody at all (that wasn't blocked or ignored). They have permission.                                          
                if($channel_perm & PERMS_PUBLIC) {                                                                 
                        $ret[$perm_name] = true;                                                                      

Later I will get nano there and comb the file looking for (-1). Meanwhile, duties call.
Mike Macgirvin
My mistake - somebody else had an issue earlier with that same file and I assumed it was the same issue. It's not. PERMS_PUBLIC is defined in boot.php so we must be getting an error or empty value from $channel_perm for one of the permissions. I'll see what I can do to fix this.
Mike Macgirvin
So around line 49 of that file, add these lines:

        $channel_perm = \Zotlabs\Access\PermissionLimits::Get($uid,$perm_name);
+        if($channel_perm === false) {
+           $channel_perm = 0;
+        }

I'm checking it in now.
Upside down

Stephan Maus
  last edited: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 08:59:19 +0200  
!Hubzilla Support Forum  Very strange: each time, I upload a picture since yesterday, its upside down. Is that due to the Australian origin of #hubzilla? 🙄 Any ideas? Thanks !
Mike Macgirvin
Is that due to the Australian origin of #hubzilla?

Can't really say. It looks just fine here.... ;-)
As it does here now (in the Netherlands). But we do currently have quite warm weather here. Maybe the photo is mistaking this for Australian weather... :-)
It should work correctly in 3.4RC and dev

I am on DEV. There's nothing wrong on my iPad, but under Windows 10 with FF59 the image is rotated.
nginx config

!Hubzilla Support Forum
Hi guys. I'm getting 504 error on hubzilla with nginx config. I used the sample from the git repo.

Any idea? I dont see anything in the logs,
Falgn0n The Wizard
Is that a timeout problem? I struggled with a timeouts as well. Turned out to be nginx rewrite rules.
Check these blocks:

location / {
if ($is_args != "") {
rewrite ^/(.[i]) /index.php?q=$uri&$args last;
rewrite ^/(.[/i]) /index.php?q=$uri last;

location ^~ /.well-known/ { allow all; rewrite ^/(.*) /index.php?q=$uri&$args last; }

My whole vhost is here:

Kris Kelvin ✪
 La Ilusión 
!Hubzilla Support Forum Hi people! I come for a very simple question:

Do you know if Hubzilla has a bitcoin wallet? I want do donate a few dollars to development :)
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Donate app
Howto connect to the Fediverse from Hubzilla

Mario Vavti
  last edited: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 08:49:12 +0200  

How can i connect to Alice on Mastodon?

  • Make sure the Activitypub protocol is enabled for your channel here
  • Hubzilla version < 3.4RC: add Alice like that: [activitypub] here
  • Hubzilla version >= 3.4RC: add Alice like that:

How can i connect to Bob on Diaspora/Friendica?

  • Make sure the Diaspora protocol is enabled for your channel here
  • Add Bob like that: here

How can i connect to Clara on GNU-Social?

  • Make sure the GNU-Social protocol is enabled for your channel here
  • Add Clara like that: here

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Mario Vavti
The RC testing phase usually lasts about 2 weeks. Assumed we don't find any hard to solve bugs.
Now that activitypub is supported via webfinger... anyone tried it with Nextcloud? In theory federated public filesharing could work now.
Michael MD
I guess you could do it though the /api?    

or otherwise maybe try lynx?
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feature request

Hubzilla has so many features and tuning factions - for Beginners that can be also confusing and frustrating.

The Admin can turn off quit al lot of this extra features. So for Beginners a System with turn off extra features would be properly better for them to understand... but what to do when the Beginners get better and want to learn more?

In “Account Settings“ the user can choose “Your technical skill level“ - maybe it would be a helpful feature if the user could also choose an option  to  stripp down the System to most simple as possible.

Another idea is to add ACL functionality to Hubzilla – so the Admin could create usergrups with a sett of privileges and activated features

What do you think?
M. Dent
Mike -

Based on the sketch above, are there hooks in the code that would allow a reasonably skilled PHP programmer to write an add-on to do what is described?  

Perhaps from a core dev standpoint, the best solution would be to look at the code and add hooks for onboarding if they don't exist.  Then the broader community could experiment with creating onboarding add-ons.  Then the best add-ons can float to the top and be added into core.

Info for Theme development is already in the wild, so community members who have suggestions for that could find someone appropriately skilled to begin to implement some changes there and submit them for inclusion as well.

That's the joy of Open Source!  It's possible to get your own great idea implemented - just find someone with the skills or develop the skills yourself, dig in, and contribute back so everyone can share and make the overall project better!
Mike Macgirvin
@RockyIII All good ideas. I've filed the post and it will give us something to work from. I'm on my first cuppa so I may need to read it a few times to extract all the actionables. We've been moving in the same general direction overall, but clearly we need a bit more hand holding and guidance.
Thanks for listening... and please apologize my English, haven´t used it so much for some years ;-)
Hubzilla 3.4RC Released!

Mario Vavti
If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 3.4RC away from the next major Hubzilla release. Make sure to also git checkout 3.4RC the addons if you decide to join the RC testing.

You are welcome to provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. I have added a new section to the wiki called Basic Federation Protocol Testing. It is highly appreciated to report back on those checkpoints to ensure there are no glaring issues concerning the federation. Please PM me for wiki write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.
A condensed summary will follow with the version 3.4 release announcement.

Happy testing!

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#1: "random" changes in directory display

Harper Pollock
!Hubzilla Support Forum
I have 4 active channels for 2 accounts (1 + 3) defined in our instance. During last two days their visibility in public directory changed without apparent reason.
from all four visible, to sinle (CNI) and this morning to two (default channels for both accounts).
Remaining channels show in global directory nevertheless.

I have public visibility enforced on admin level.
How can I control this behaviour?

Mike Macgirvin
The local directory is also served by a directory server by performing a hidden search for channels using your hostname. These should not change randomly, so something seems to be causing the variability. I don't know currently what this is and this is the first report of this behaviour. Unfortunately we can't fix it until we find a way to reproduce it. If any of these channels created clones, these may have been created with a different primary server or changed their privacy mode to something hidden. I don't know for sure, but throwing out ideas  of what kinds of things might affect this visibility. The public visibility setting isn't retroactive. If I recall it only affects directory updates which are made after it changes.
giac hellvecio
Harper, in this moment i see 3 channels in your 'local directory' (your hub), but I also see 0 channels here , so, I think that is very strange...

channels_total    0
hide_in_statistics    0
channels_active_halfyear    0
channels_active_monthly    0
local_posts    0
local_comments    0
Harper Pollock
I will keep my eye on it. The instance is not yet fully configured, so maybe something will kick in...

Thanks for looking at it.
stop sign in connections list

neue medienordnung plus
  last edited: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 06:18:10 +0200  
Mike Macgirvin
It is a one-sided connection. Usually it indicates that  you connected with them, but they either haven't yet approved the request or they may have ignored or deleted it.
eliminate stop sign. manual

neue medienordnung plus
  last edited: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 07:12:40 +0200  
I administrate both channels @Hubzilla connected people. Workshop and . But I understand not, why get @Hubzilla connected people. Workshop one stop sign. The procedure:
  • I dleted as @'Русскоговорящие пользователи' the @Hubzilla connected people. Workshop connection
  • I connected as @'Русскоговорящие пользователи' the hucope-channel
  • I connected as hucope-channel the connection request from @'Русскоговорящие пользователи' channel
Yet works the {@'Русскоговорящие пользователи'  <-->  hucope-channel} connection. Thank you, Mike ;-).

#HubzillaManual #eliminateStopSign #StopSign #HubzillaConnectedPeople #РусскоговорящиеПользователи #connectionRequest #HubzillaWorkshop
Mike Macgirvin
Right. This also happens with forums. Technically you're following the forum, but the forum isn't following you. So it also appears as a one-sided or incomplete connection. There is probably a better way to accomplish this that doesn't put a stop sign on forums, but this is what we have today.
Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA (Map) 
!Hubzilla Support Forum Due to a bad privacy setting on my behalf, my moderation queue is flooded with spam. Is there an easy way to just wipe the entire queue? Trying to click Delete on every single item takes forever, and due to a lack of paging, it's impossible to know where the end of the spam is.
 from Friendica
A checkbox "I'm a bot [ ]"
Thomas Runge
A checkbox "I'm a bot [ ]"

Just to be sure give it some of the crappy "What symbols do you see"-Captchas below so that the bot feels challenged ;)
Mike Macgirvin
Back to the original problem since I didn't see any sign of it being resolved yet.

delete from item where item_blocked = 4

This will remove any moderated items on your server, including those owned by others. If you want to be more specific add "and uid = xx" replacing xx with your channel_id.

This is begging for improvement.
RSS Feed Question

M. Dent
According to the member guide, RSS feeds usually poll once or twice per day.... I can't find the admin setting that sets how often they poll (is there one?).  Currently, it appears mine are polling according to the TTL in the RSS feed which is 1 hour (plus the delay of the cronjob).  Is there a way to administratively reduce the poll interval at this point?

!Hubzilla Support Forum

(ugh. sorry for the dupes... still trying to keep track of posting to forums vs. private page)
Mike Macgirvin
util/config system.minimum_feedcheck_minutes

Default is one hour if unset, and can also be over-ridden by the service class variable minimum_feedcheck_minutes if you want to allow paid members to have more timely response to feed changes than free accounts (for instance).
Aude decroissance
mrjivemrjive wrote the following post Sat, 14 Apr 2018 17:23:47 +0200
Creating a website with Hubzilla?
One of the features I'd like to really start to use is the webpage or website creation, that is: using Hubzilla as a CMS.
Maybe everithing is there and the problem is once again just me, so I'm asking you has someone already created a website, not just a landing page or a couple of pages, with hubzilla? Something not too complex. A school website or a small organization for eample.
Maybe with a couple of different roles like you do in a standard Wordpress site.

I'd like to hear your experience and thoughts.

!Hubzilla Support Forum
CalDAV yes CardDAV no

 Hilden (Map) 
!Hubzilla Support Forum I managed to integrate Hubzillas Kallender into DAVdroid but with the address book it does not work.
Can someone help?

Oh sorry, it works here!
I deleted the account and made it new and now it is working here to
Yann Muller
I just tried it too and it works. I cleared the Calendar Storage and Contact Storage in Apps settings to be sure.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I would like to put a widget on my Hubzilla website so that his changes could be tracked by RSS, is that possible? If anyone knows how, I'm asking him to help me do it. Thank you.
Magic-auth in HTML webpages ?

Yann Muller
So far I've written a couple of webpages in BBCode. It works well enough, with a bit of CSS. But I wanted to try an HTML page for a bit more control over the presentation.

With the BBCode, links to other parts of my website are using the [ZRL] and [ZMG] tags to keep the magic-auth going. Can I do something similar in plain HTML?
Andrew Manning
I added some identity-aware capability to HTML in the context of the Help pages, but that is not used for the Webpages app currently. I don't see why we couldn't process HTML content to render identity-aware links in webpages in the future too, though. Maybe make a GitHub issue "wishlist" item for this idea?
Yann Muller
I've added an "issue" to github.

In the mean time I'll organise private content differently. Maybe from menus so that it's not visible at all if the visitor has no permission.

As an example, here's the best I could do in BBCode and the same in HTML. I'm not a designer so even the HTML version is a bit wonky but it's still prettier.
  last edited: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 18:36:57 +0200  
!Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Development So I'm running now on a VPS with a lot of memory. has been converted (already months ago) to InnoDB. All works well, but the database is 12GB and together with that makes 13.2GB. According documentation I have to set the amount of innodb_buffer_pool_size to 13GB, but that really is to much, so I have set it first to 6GB and eventually to 5GB (innodb_log_file_size=640M). And it still works well. But actually I find it very strange that I need so much RAM for only 10 active users).

So my question is if there is a solution to have less RAM with still having enough performance?
Mario Vavti
@Jeroen i think if you set "Expiration period in days for imported (grid/network) content" the content will be expired retroactively.

Also i am pretty sure you can keep your outqueue threshold at about 3000 without issues.
@Mario Vavti It's about your own channel, not about the grid.

Yes, I now have set it to 3000. Let's see if that works.
My problem seems to be solved. Thank you!
Database size

!Hubzilla Support Forum
I'm exploring possibility to host a hub. Since hubzilla is federating with pretty much entire fediverse, whats the db size you guys have. Specially larger installations.
Stephan Maus
Stupid question: if I set "expiration", will my own content be deleted too after the expiration-date? I woul like to keep it, using #hubzilla as an archive.
Mike Macgirvin
Expiration: Your own content is retained and content you interact with or somehow flag as important is retained. Content from others that you don't interact with or somehow flag as important is expired.
Stephan Maus
@Mike Macgirvin Great, thanks ! We live in the best of all possible Hubzilla-worlds.