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From the list of notifications, right column, I clicked on a notification item: elmussol said something and I wanted to check cuz hez a nice guy!
I read and answered.


As you can see elmussol answered 2 hrs ago.
Now, in the notification list at /notification I see this:


So the question is: where is elmussol's notification?

But as I am writing this post, I'm realizing that /notifications and the notification widget are not in syn cat all:

Mario Vavti
then maybe the title is a bit misleading? It says "system notifications"...
Mario Vavti
Probably that used to be its original purpose...
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With the widget “New Network Activity” I can see what has happened … after I click on an avatar and check the activity of this user-  this event notification disappears  form the widget.
Sometimes it would be nice to look up some of this activities of the past...
In friendica I can mark  new  activities as “read”  but even then they stay visible in the widget.
Is there a similar  function/option in hubzilla?
in the new tab are also activities  which nerver showed up in the widget
Mario Vavti
Do you have an example?
ok the next time I fine an example  I will post a screenshot
Daily peaks in Apache monitoring
Ingo Juergensmann
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Since I installed Hubzilla on my server I get these regular peaks every day on my Apache:


The very first peak happened on that day I installed Hubzilla. Installation was shortly after midnight on April 15th, first peak was around 2:00-4:00 in the night. Today it was between 4:45 and 5:20.

Is this a normal peak? Are any maintenance tasks running at that time that could cause such a peak?
Ingo Jürgensmann
 from Friendica
yeah, of course this task is configured to run every 10 mins (at different times than Friendica worker):

/usr/bin/php Zotlabs/Daemon/Master.php Cron

There are no peaks during the day, except for that large peak during the night. Maybe the Hubzilla master task in cron triggers something at a certain time. That's why I'm asking if someone else is experiencing this kind of issue...
please note: not all tasks of the cron job are done on each call. Some tasks of the cronjob are done once a day or once a week or even once a month. But to be fair I don't have a monitoring in that detail. It's just a guess from my side.
Mike Macgirvin
You're probably seeing Cron_daily do its stuff. You can change the hour this runs if it turns out to be inconvenient. See Zotlabs/Daemon/Cron_daily.php to see what it is doing. I think what you're seeing is probably the daily poll of your connections to see if they changed anything or posted something that didn't get delivered to you for some unknown reason. If they're all hitting at once you might want to adjust your polling interval and spread them out a bit more.
Marshall Sutherland
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Last night, I found myself using hubzilla on my phone and wanting to use the search function. I couldn't find it. Looking now, on a desktop, where I can more easily poke around, I still can't find it. Am I just not finding the icon or is it not there? Is it supposed to be there?
Marshall Sutherland
issue filed
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Check your app page. On my phone I used add search app and pinned it, then it was available in my navbar.
Mario Vavti
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Thing is that we atm can't handle the dropdowns the search generates when looking for forums, names or tags in the mobile version. The workaround is, as suggested by @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum), to star the search app to have it in the app-tray and search from there.
Addon Settings question

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Is Addon setting at "Hubzilla to friendica Post Settings" > "Allow posting to Friendica" needed to be able to post to friendica? If so can I set it to defaults (like in case of diaspora_allow 1)?
Mike Macgirvin
I don't think we provisioned a system default for this because nobody ever asked for it.  I would leave that addon turned off or disabled unless somebody specifically asks for it. You can communicate just fine with Friendica (bi-directionally) using the Diaspora protocol addon. The friendica posting addon is a more primitive cross-post tool which does an API post to an existing Friendica account.
Ahh... right. It would be redundant. Thanks.
beware wading too deeply into log files

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Whilst wading around in php.out trying to sort @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) 's file upload problem, I notice tonnes of lines like this:

[25-Apr-2018 22:15:47 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning:  rand() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given in /var/www/hubzilla/Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php on line 757
[25-Apr-2018 22:15:47 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning:  rand() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given in /var/www/hubzilla/Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php on line 758

Does this mean anything important? I know not, but I thought I should bring it up.
Mike Macgirvin
I didn't think there were any 32-bit systems remaining. Will have a fix after brekky.
Hardware ressources required

Galette Saucisse
 Bretagne, France last edited: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:22:22 +0200  
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So I have my little hub and a few users, and I've left it open to new users, (doing my thing for this project!) but I don't have any vision of how many users this server can reasonably take. It's running on an 8Gb RAM, 40Gb SSD, 2 core Intel VPS.

Are there any indications concerning hardware ressources / number of users?
Galette Saucisse
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thanks guys for your replies, I guess there is no definitive answer, but perhaps it would helpful to gain hardware pointers, from home installed raspberry PI's to large hosted dedicated servers. A few case histories would be nice.
I think we touch here on the beauty of Hubzilla - not enough space/ressources? just go to another Hub.
I was asking similar thing the other day regarding database growth as I was curious how fast it does when you federate with entire fediverse, but also have not gotten concrete answer. Main reason was that hubs arent that big to tell.
So I guess I will find out as we go. Remote content purge sounds reassuring that the db will not grow that fast (my matrix db is quite large now already and there is no way of removing content older then....).
Andrew Manning
I'm glad to see this question come up so often lately, because it means people are operating new hubs and thinking "big". As a project we do not have a solid data set to analyze. When this has come up before I suggested that we use an anonymized usage reporting approach that is popular with other FOSS projects. There are so many factors involved in server hardware sufficiency that we really need to get serious about collecting this data ("opt in" of course) if we want to be able to answer this question.

If anyone wants to help create such a reporting system you don't have to invent it from scratch. See the federation reporting plugin.
Feature suggestion: Blocking users and hiding + unfollowing threads.

Feature request:  Block Users & Hide threads directly from gear icon · Issue #1104 · redmatrix/hubzilla
I would love to be able to block users and hide + unfollow threads directly from the gear icon.
Brian Christensen
"Unfollow Thread" is already an option in the gear icon and blocking a user can be done by clicking on the user's avatar to bring up a drop-down menu with that option.
Brian Christensen
Can I edit my post above to this add this picture?

The gear drop-down has an "Edit" option.
Mike Macgirvin
Blocking users is accomplished with the superblock addon. If this is installed, you'll see an option to 'block completely'. This just moved in 3.4RC to the profile photo on the post instead of the gear menu. It has already been mentioned we need a way to flag the existence of this "author action" menu. Unfollow thread is already provided in the gear menu. It isn't shown in all cases as I believe there is a pre-requisite permission of some kind that is required to enable it. Hide is typically handed by deleting it from your stream. We don't currently have a specific hide/show function beyond the n-s-f-w plugin (spelled out so I don't trigger it).
@Hubzilla Support Forum
Just wanting to give a short feedback about the results of me pitching hubzilla to the switter admins.

First of all it failed :-p.
They didn't liked the UI and found it in all to complicated.
That they could change it based on their needs they've been a bit reserved about.

One of their main argument also was:
That the channels can't have their individual branding within the url.
They wanted myadress.blabla instead of hubzilladress.org/channel/@yourname

But it's actually possible to have this, or?
Stephan Maus
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When Umberto Eco wrote "The Name of the Rose", he chose to make the first 100 pages very difficult. He thought that they should be the monastery-wall which should protect his novel.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
James Joyce did something similar in Ulysses. Perhaps new themes should be made with expanded literary allusions? "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy", "The Name of the Rose", "Ulysses", "The Mahābhārata"... The UX would be terrible, but nobody would dare to leave the party from fear of missing out. :-D

#I am joking
Mario Vavti
Just to get this thread offtopic again, i have just pushed the latest version of textcomplete (jquery.textcomplete is discontinued) to dev. It has built in caching and it seems to work fairly well as far as i can see atm. There might be regressions though.
Hubzilla add-on table

Christopher M. Rasch
 East Palo Alto last edited: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 00:53:51 +0200  
!Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum

I found it difficult to tell what the add-ons in the Hubzilla Add-on repository did.  So I made a table of the current list of add-ons and their functions here:


Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!
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Hmm, surprised the clap didn’t display next to the number of likes.
How do we turn this list into a shared wiki?
Christopher M. Rasch
@msc, if you authenticate to the https://project.hubzilla.org hub, I think you'll be able to edit it, if you want.
Cyanbasic Theme for Hubzilla

Galette Saucisse
 Bretagne, France last edited: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 21:17:30 +0200  
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New theme, cyanbasic

get it here if you have command line access:

util/add_theme_repo https://github.com/galettesaucisse/hubzilla-themes.git cyanbasic

otherwise here:

SQL Error

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I'm seeing lots of SQL errors like:
ERROR: SELECT distinct parent AS item_id from item
left join abook on ( item.owner_xchan = abook.abook_xchan and abook.abook_channel = 3 )
WHERE uid = 3 and item.item_hidden = 0 and item.item_type = 0
and item.item_unpublished = 0 and item.item_delayed = 0 and item.item_pending_remove = 0
and item.item_blocked = 0 and item.obj_type != '[zrl=http://purl.org/zot/activity/file]http://purl.org/zot/activity/file[/zrl]'
AND item_wall = 1 AND (( item_unseen = 1 AND item.changed

followed by

Invalid column reference: 7 ERROR: for SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY expressions must appear in select list
LINE 12: ORDER BY created DESC;

Any ideas? I'm using postgres 9.6
Yeah I do use postgres.

Cool. I saw your post about the RC. I will switch to it today.
Is that also a reason I cant see forum posts straight from my hub?
Mario Vavti
I guess so yes.
Brian Christensen
I am unable to reply to the original thread about the cert error but I see an error as well when visiting https://hubzilla.org:

hubzilla.org uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for demo.hubzilla.org


!Hubzilla Support Forum
Brian Christensen
I tried "refresh permissions" which didn't change anything.
h.ear.t | tobias
Brian Christensen
Works perfectly now.
giac hellvecio
 my house near the sea 
lightonelightone wrote the following post Sun, 22 Apr 2018 04:34:41 +0200
Cert error
Hello, #Hubzilla!

My browser shows a certificate error when I visit hubzilla.org via https (http nicely redirects).
I was thinking of creating some stickers for Hubzilla, "hubzilla.org" link is shorter than "project.hubzilla.org" and looks better on small promotional materials.
Could you please fix the cert? Thanks.

cc @Hubzilla Support Forum+
h.ear.t | tobias
Andrew Manning
I know this may seem convoluted, but I think it makes sense to keep the "hubzilla.org" domain abstracted from any individual hub or website hosted on a subdomain. I'm surprised an additional redirect was necessary since I already have a CNAME record in place linking hubzilla.org to project.hubzilla.org.
h.ear.t | tobias
Important: anonymous comment permission patch

Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia last edited: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 23:26:08 +0200  
!Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Announcements

It was brought to our attention that some channels have been configured with anonymous (WordPress style) comment permissions which should not have been. This affects a number of newly created channels.

Step 1:

If you are a hub administrator and are running master (3.2.x), dev (3.5), or 3.4RC, please execute 'git pull' from the project root directory now. If you are running a prior release, this particular issue may not affect you; but you are encouraged to update in any event.

If you are running the dev branch on your site, no further action is necessary.

Step 2:

If your site is running a release or pre-release version such as master (3.2.x) or 3.4RC please change to your project root directory and create a new file using the following code snippet. This file should be named Zotlabs/Module/Fix20180421.php and the text '<?php' should be on the very first line of the file. The capitalisation in the filename is important.

namespace Zotlabs\Module;

class Fix20180421 extends \Zotlabs\Web\Controller {

    function get() {

        if(! is_site_admin())

        $r = q("select channel_id from channel where true");
        if($r) {
            foreach($r as $rv) {
                $role = get_pconfig($rv['channel_id'],'system','permissions_role');
                if($role !== 'custom') {
                    $role_permissions = \Zotlabs\Access\PermissionRoles::role_perms($role);
                    if(array_key_exists('limits',$role_permissions) && array_key_exists('post_comments',$role_permissions['limits'])) {

        return 'Update has been applied';



Step 3.

Visit https://zotadel.net/fix20180421 while logged into the hub administrator account. Note that you will use lowercase for the path here.

You should see the text 'Update has been applied'. When you see this text, from the command shell

% rm Zotlabs/Module/Fix20180421.php

Apologies for the inconvenience.
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Thanks @Brian Christensen
so I uploaded the new PermissionLimits.php file to Zotlabs/Access/ ... thats all? I´m done?
Step 2 +  Sep 3 ... got it
Michael MD
only got "Page not Found" here with those instructions.

I guess this version is too old (looks like Zotlabs\Web\Controller isnt there)

I probably need to look at doing a full update.
Constantly getting logged out

Brian Christensen
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!Hubzilla Support Forum

I seem to get regularly logged out of my instance for no apparent reason, particularly when I visit another hub (i.e. every time I visit the Hubzilla Support Forum I find myself logged out when I return to my own hub). But it doesn't seem to be limited to this, sometimes I just randomly get knocked out even when I stay on my own server.

Checking off "remember me" seems to have no effect. Is there an Apache or PHP related configuration regarding cookies and/or sessions that I should be looking at?
giac hellvecio
do you use some firefox-chrome plugin for block coockies?
Brian Christensen
Good call. Looks like Ghostery is the culprit. Marking my own hub as "trusted" along with others I visit seems to resolve this issue. Don't know why I didn't think to look at that. Thanks for the tip!
RSS Feed Question

M. Dent
!Hubzilla Support Forum

When linking to an RSS Feed on a multi-site blog, the profile for the connection gets populated with the author info of the first post ever downloaded.  Is there a way to override the profile information on at least some connections (like RSS feeds) in order to fix things like this?

Also - (likewise for RSS feeds) - is it possible to make RSS Posts "shareable"?
Marshall Sutherland
Feed-mostly public sounds familiar. When first set up, I find that the feed channel, itself, will have some number of historical posts, but my channel only sees new posts as they come in from that point forward. Could this be what you are seeing? It doesn't sound like it, but I thought I should ask.

When I set up the feed channel, there are a couple of steps. Maybe one of them is missing.
I'm sure you have the connection to the actual feed, since you see something
Your feed channel needs to have the Channel Sources feature (in Additional Features / Post Composition Features) turned on.
That will give a new setting page called Channel Sources. On that page, you need to add that connection (the connection to the actual feed) as a source.

Have all those things been done?
Erik R
I never added the feed-channel as channel-source on my main channel.

I agree that only new items in the feed will show up so I figure I will know tomorrow :)
Erik R
I never managed to add the feed as "Channel source", instead I just connected to the feed and the content shows up in the feed-channel-wall (home).

I sadly lost all content of the feed-channel when I changed from feed-mostly public to what-ever and back. The feed is updated once or twice a day so I have to wait.
Profile image upload fails consistently

Sturdy Stonehead
!Hubzilla Support Forum
When I try to change my profile (https://cni-coop.net/profile/cni) image, it consistently fails to upload new picture. "Image upload failed" -- and that's it. There is probably more diagnostics available, but I do not know where to look for it.

Docker installation.

Harper Pollock
Ingo: See attached (no).




Galette: Where can I check it? Also, intial image uploaded finely.
Ingo Juergensmann
Well, my idea was that the image that you want to upload exceeds some 2 MB upload limit. But those images doesn't appear to be large enough.
Mike Macgirvin
  last edited: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 01:14:55 +0200  
Profile photos and Cover photos are the last remaining file uploads that are subject to PHP upload limits. You can upload into the editor or into your cloud storage without encountering these limits, but for these two activities,
check the php.ini for your webserver (you may have more than one php.ini) and review and possibly adjust


post_max_size needs to be larger than upload_max_filesize

If an upload results in a white screen (this can happen for some newer cellphone images if your server is in a memory starved environment) install the imagick program for your operating system. There is a place on the admin/site page to provide the path for externally generating stage1 thumbnails (usually /usr/bin/convert) rather than attempting to generate them in memory. You still want to give PHP as much memory as you can get away with, because this can affect your ability to export/backup/clone your channel content.
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Is there an option to show comments via the tree when you can answer for not only last comments but any comment?
For example show comments like this:

|- comment 1
|- comment 2
|   |- comment for 2
|   \_ comment for 2
|- comment 3
|   |- comment for 3
|   |    \_ comment for comment :)
|   \_ comment for 3
\_ comment for 4
Я так понимаю, ничего кроме Zot нет. Это протокол, на котором и работает Хабзилла.
Vitaly Astakhov
Ок. Я вижу наше обсуждение в фрэндике и даже коммент оставил. Интересно пролетит или нет. Твои ответы в Мастодон выглядят как-то оторванными от контекста и сложно понять что происходит и там я тоже ответить пытался. И не понимаю как мне удалось везде на тебя подписаться, а на себя не получается.
h.ear.t | tobias
"cloned channel not found" by migration from hub version 3.4RC to hub version 3.2.2 - bug or feature?

neue medienordnung plus
Hubzilla community advertise the Nomadic Identity feature as unique feature of Hubzilla accounts. I get the hint "Cloned channel not found" when I attempt import the channel from one hub with version 3.4RC to hub with version 3.2.2. Is this behavior a bug or feature? I mean, that this #VersionHurdle make the "Nomadic Identity" pledge of Hubzilla implausible.

#exportImport #NomadicIdentity #HubzillaPromotion #NomadicIdentityPledge @Hubzilla Development+ @Hubzilla Support Forum+

neue medienordnung plus
btw, after apgrade from 3.2.2 to 3.4RC works the migration for this two hubs.