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I tried the bookmark addon but it appears to save ALL LINKS within a post to a (sub)menu/list.  Useful, but I'm really looking to bookmark a POST ITSELF... trying to organize details on certain aspects of Hubzilla where I've found some answers (and to help  update the doc at some point, I hope).

Is there a way to mark a post?

In the gear dropdown, I found Save To Folder but it doesn't seem to do anything... maybe it's for saving any attachments?  

And a star, to me, is a signal to Read Later and then I toggle it off.  I want a more permanent collection of bookmarks and would prefer to use an native tool (dog food), if possible.

I just want to collect and organize posts and/or threads.  Is there!Hubzilla Support Forum
Right. They should appear in the activity filters widget > saved folders at /network
Aha!  Found them. Thanks!

Some of these features might be useful in a different context, too.
Was looking to see where these are stored.  Found the folders in database table TEM; haven't seen how items are linked yet.

BTW, while browsing db tables, PHOTO is horribly slow to read.  Any idea why?
Friends not seeing photos in limited-visibility posts

Using the mobile interface, I've twice now created limited-visibility posts with photos in them, and friends on other platforms report that they can see the text but not the photo. One person mentioned that it appears to be a permissions issue.

One post was to "Friends" and another was to "Acquaintances" (a custom privacy group that I created). I checked the photos in the photo album and they have the correct privacy group used for the visibility setting. (That is, it matches the visibility I set in the original post to which I uploaded the photo.) Two friends who noted issues are on Diaspora, one is on Friendica.

I checked my own Diaspora and Friendica accounts.
* My Hubzilla account has connected to my D* account and put it in the "Friends" and the "Acquaintances" privacy groups. My Diaspora account is also connected back to my Hubzilla account and has it in the "Friends" and "Acquaintances" aspects. It successfully sees the posts *and* the photos.
* My Hubzilla account is connected to my Friendica account and has it in the "Acquaintances" privacy group. My Friendica account is connected to my Hubzilla account and notes that it is a "Mutual Friendship". However, the Friendica account sees only text in the Hubzilla's account post.
* All connected accounts see both text and photos in public posts from the Hubzilla account.

Two things are puzzling me:
1. Why my D* account can see photos in my limited-visibility posts but my Diaspora friends cannot.
2. Why my Friendica account cannot see uploaded photos in my limited-visibility posts but can see the text.

Am I perhaps not using Hubzilla's fiddlybits correctly? Or do my friends have to do something on their end to allow my photos to come through in posts?

* My Hubzilla account has connected to my D* account and put it in the "Friends" and the "Acquaintances" privacy groups. My Diaspora account is also connected back to my Hubzilla account and has it in the "Friends" and "Acquaintances" aspects. It successfully sees the posts and the photos.

Make sure that you're not logged in to Hubzilla in another tab or another window when you run this test. Click LOGOUT before performing this test or use a "private" browser window instead of just opening another tab to test on D*. I think you'll find that it only APPEARS that you can see the photos but your friends can't . . . because in reality, your browser is still logged in to Hubzilla.

I'm out of my depth on the details here so some of what follows might not be right, but I'll take a stab and someone can correct me.

When sharing photos with other networks (and also on Hubzilla Forums!), the photo's permissions must be marked as public or else recipients not on Hubzilla (or not explicitly granted access if they are on Hubzilla) will not be able to see them.

Even though the various networks can pass messages, there is no cross-authorization between networks. Your "privacy group" (in relation to non-Zot networks) is merely a "distribution group" (i.e., it sets the recipient list of the post on other networks) and security of the message is then handled by the network's server of the receiver, not Hubzilla.

Photos on posts aren't actually sent with the message. In reality, only the text of the message is transmitted to the other networks, the photo is simply an image link pointing back to your Hubzilla file store. Since your friends are not logged into Hubzilla and are not authenticated on your Hub, Hubzilla has no way to verify the person requesting the photo has access and so access is denied.

There is a way to KIND OF make it work by creating a Guest Access Token (see your settings page if Guest Access Tokens are enabled) and setting up the URL of the shared image properly - (including the zat=xxxxxx as a query variable in the URL of the image). This is NOT secure and very prone to various problems, however. Not the least of which is that ANYONE with the URL and ZAT value can then access the image(s) you link to in this way - so if your friends share the link, whoever they share it with will also have access.

If you need secure sharing of photos and yet must communicate via D* / Friendica - your friends will need to get a Hubzilla account somewhere and connect to you and be authorized on your hub (either locally or using the REMOTE AUTHORIZATION button on the login page). Then, as long as they are authorized/authenticated on your hub and you've shared with both their D*/Friendica/whatever account AND their Hubzilla account, they should be able to see the image. Certainly not simple, but it should be an effective "work around".
I think the guest access token / query variable type access provides a good balance between security and privacy, for example when sharing family photos. I wouldn't want to make my old father deal with logins and passwords, so it's so much easier to provide a link that includes the password. I know that a general visitor to my hubzilla site isn't going to be confronted with my boring family photos, and that these aren't going to end up in a google search.
Contacts shared folder?

What is this supposed to do: "Show in your contacts shared folder"? I've searched the internet but found only a couple of references in Git and those don't explain what I'm seeing.

I go to "Files", navigate to a folder, click on the pencil next to a file (in this case, a photo), and click the slider for "Show in your contacts shared folder" to "Yes", then "Submit". When the page refreshes, I click on "Shared" along the top bar. (According to the Git references, this is where the file should show up.) It takes me to and yet there is nothing listed there.

I go back to the file, click on the pencil again, and the slider has gone back to "No".

I believe (though haven't checked) this means that when the person you shared it with clicks on their SHARED button on the top bar, the file that YOU shared with THEM will show up in THEIR list of items, "Shared with me".
Autocomplete for mentions in photo comments

Two days ago, I navigated to "Photos", found a friends-only photo, and, in a comment, did an @ mention of a friend. Autocomplete popped up and I selected my friend's account.

Today, I did the same thing on the same photo, no autocomplete. Doesn't come up on comments in public photos either.

But if I go back to my feed and, in a new post, @ mention a friend, autocomplete jumps to the task.

Any idea why autocomplete would work in posts but not photo comments? And why it worked in photo comments one day but not another?

I'm having other troubles with photos. But I'll post about that separately because it's not clear to me that the issues are related.

Tags in this project do not generally change visibility (there are a couple of exceptions, for instance forum mentions). This is intentional. The original post/photo author decides the visibility and nobody else can change that. Tags only create a notification if the tagged person can already see the post/photo. Otherwise they're just a link. This may seem complicated and different from other services but otherwise it turns into a privacy nightmare.  

Tagging somebody in a photo is analogous to Facebook's "In this photo: bob, mary, and dave" feature.
@giac hellvecio , thanks for the forum recommendation. Yes, television is a current interest. TV seems to have so much more interesting stories and roles and diversity than movies these days. I even keep a diary of progress on favorite shows and seasons.

I tried searching on !TVseries in the search bar, but I got no results. Would you please provide a link to the forum? Thank you!
Fediverse Podcast

Not support but...
...there's a new podcast about the Fediverse hosted by

A knowledgeable person might do a little PR for Hubzilla... could probably get booked for a future episode.
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can somebody explain what's the conceptual difference between #hubzilla and #zap ?
Sorry, I'dont get it.
I need a kick into the right direction....
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I am reading this discussion and will resay what I understood in non tech language. You can correct me where I am wrong

Zotlbabs is a group of projects to build communities webplateformes.

you have
- Hubzilla : Here we know what is hubzilla a general purpose nomadic identity application what do almost all except tea.
- Osada : New social network that target large audience with ActivityPub and Zot6 protocoles
- Zap : New social network that target small audience (more private) like family or small company or organisation

I still don't understand what is Red. I know Redmatrix (The old Hubzilla) But now Red is the new Hubzilla ? confused.. But nevermind.

I am excited with all theses projects and looking forward testing them in order to find application.I am sure I already plenty of ideas.
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@Kris Red is Mike's development environment,  the wise man's lab. :-)

My take :

Zap is not for small audiences. It does not federate, but it's because the other federated protocols are much less secure. So Zap is intended to be a better replacement for all those protocols. Osada makes compromises and is intended as a pragmatic gateway for a (hopefully limited) period of transition towards a desirable all-zap future.
Hey all.
I got errors after update to Dev 3.7.3 on all my three hubs:
Failed Updates

How to update the DB manually, please?
Or can I just mark as done?
Thanks guys, found it:
  target_id varchar(191) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  portable_id varchar(191) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  ltype int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  KEY target_id (target_id),
  KEY portable_id (portable_id),
  KEY ltype (ltype)

Looks like my MySQL is too old (5.1.73):
"#1115 - Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4'"
Just set it to utf8 - you'll be fine. You'll miss out on  some emojis, but you aren't likely to see emjois in any of these fields.
Thanks Mike, did it. Emojis might be important for todays world, but sometimes you have to compromise.
Update _1220 was successfully applied.

... and I should finally remember what to do in such cases... (is now written down) face with rolling eyes
Moving... or cloning?

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Nomadic identity is one of the key capabilities of Hubzilla and I'll have to learn more about exactly how that works.

Just FYI, in the Mastodon world, there is a MOVE function which then displays profiles like this (but I don't think it actually does anything else):

The difference is whether or not you perform a move or a copy. Nomadic identity creates a copy. You can use any cloned identity on any server and they are kept in sync (mirrored) in case of catastrophe. I've used clones when my main site went down for a few hours. You don't have to just wait for it to come back. You can go to a clone and not even be phased by the server outage. Your stream is there, your friends are there.

When you move, it's more or less permanent. Glad to see that other providers are finally providing mobility options. A move isn't quite as good as a copy in my view, but it's much better than nothing.

The real advantage of cloning isn't apparent until you start messing around with access control. If you make a photo available to Nancy and not Eve, and any of you end up at different sites for any reason, the access control on your old content doesn't need updating. The photo is still available to Nancy and not to Eve - no matter where they are or where you are. If you were to move, all of your friends would have to change the access rights on all their published content.
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Even if it involves more functionality, MOVING seems more of a "me, too"... matching a feature that other systems probably have.  Besides, it's just right to enable people to export or transition their data (not hold it hostage to a platform).  Again, nothing to set Hubzilla apart from others.

I'm trying to fully picture cloning, though...

Say exists, call it my PRIMARY... so I clone it to, the SECONDARY, and from that point on, they sync with each other, no matter which site I log into and post comments, upload files, etc.

If my PRIMARY site goes down...
--I recognize site inaccessible so log into SECONDARY site and continue work. done.
--logging into other sites (like support forum) is now under the secondary... and so would any posts/replies I make?

--visiting my primary channel will not be possible, site down
--a message sent to my PRIMARY will arrive at the SECONDARY, so I receive it in a timely manner, good.
--will my reply under the secondary domain name be recognized?

I understand the value of unattended backup procedures (periodic/nightly) or, more correctly, continual synchronization (not just duplicating database entries but also uploaded files).  This protects my data in the best way.  This is an excellent feature.

I also understand the value of alternate access points, backing up my ability to connect to the same set of cloud tools AND my current data via multiple domain names.  This introduces multiple "identities" (probably not the right term) which can add a certain amount of confusion to the mix.

HAPPILY, my questions are nits about events that should be rare.  Under most circumstances, I use my primary and all is good in the world.  On rare occasion, I must switch to a backup approach that gets the job done in a pinch.  Backup et all are about INSURANCE.  Minimizing downtime/damage. Addressing the "what if"?

Cloning* is Hubzilla's answer.

*Depending on how the sync is done, this may be a misnomer.  Cloning implies a one-time event; synchronizing on a continual basis is a separate, additional, even more valuable thing.

(edit) OH, is /import how a clone is made?  I searched doc and don't find actual guide to cloning.  Want to do the process...
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.  :-)
Cannot get server running after upgrade and new clone of repository

Hi All,

I am using a temporary account I set up because my server is currently not working and the server I had cloned my account to is also not working.

I was attempting to update to the most recent version of hubzilla on a 14.04 Ubuntu LTS, and in the transition to framagit from github I managed to mess up the html directory on my server.  When I grabbed fresh clone I found that even a fresh copy would not run, with 500 errors, I surmised that the versions of something on my server were not compatible with the latest hubzilla and did an upgrade to 16.04.  I upgraded both php and mysql in that process.

I was able to get the latest version with a clean clone working to the point that it would bring up the stock install checklist and I was able to resolve all of the issues that it reported as needing to be resolved (php modules etc) and it will take me to the database install screen, which I did not want to continue with that as I do not want to delete my database.  When I was able to resolve all of those I copied over my htconfig from the older html folder, and the "store" directory.  The database is still in tact, as I was able to do a mysql dump and it works with the username and password that is in the htconfig file.  I am not sure if there is anything else I need to move from the old HTML directory to the new one in order for the new install to work with my old database and data.

I am to the point that I cannot figure out how to figure out what is wrong.  The message is "Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later." - which I assume means it is having some kind of problem with the database, but I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot this any further.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated to help me figure out what is going wrong.


Michael McKinsey
Yay for being able to post from my actual account.  This has gotten my attention I do need to do some better backups of my configs etc - I will get on that ASAP.  It does make me feel better I was able to use a new clone of the repository and copy just the config and the store folders and everything seems to be working.  I am not sure if there was anything else in that old web root that I need to move over, but it seems to be working (other than mysql is pegging my processors but I am hoping that is just doing some upgrade related stuff).
So it looks like this pegging out the processors is an ongoing thing.  I will see if it stops but I am going to need to dig into that next.  It makes the site hang and respond very slowly (as well as wasting CPU cycles on the shared server).  I had seem something like that a while back and I think I ended up deleting my account and reinstalling it on the server or something.  This server load is actually what had me looking at the install and trying to update it in the first place.  So when I have some time I am going to have to dig into what is causing that, but I burned today up on this issue so it will have to wait for another day.  If I reboot the machine the server runs fine and everything responds well, and then it kicks in after some time so my guess is it is something that is happening when the cron job runs.  It seems like it is just going to sit at max processor load on 4 processors forever.
This is a recurring problem that many of us have experienced. I had to stop running my hub on the same server as my other self-hosted web services because it would frequently crash mysql (actually mariadb, but whatever) and rail the CPUs. I could never figure it out. I tried using mysqltuner and got feedback from the usual suspects but the behavior persisted. Everybody uses different hardware and server configurations so it's nearly impossible to isolate causes of behavior by talking with other hub admins about this stuff in my experience.
Nice work, devs!

I am only beginning to explore Hubzilla as well as peek at the code... can already see it's a pretty impressive piece of work. A big THANK YOU to all the developers.

While one might quibble about cosmetics or presentation, I'm more concerned about the fundamentals and appreciate what I have found. Besides, appearances are the easier part. And there's always room to enhance any program.

Honest question.  Why do you suppose Hubzilla has not gained more traction?  It seems very well positioned.

Given the social climate, its future looks bright.
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Of course, every product's MARKET has a definition. I don't think Hubzilla's is clear.

The project website says:
Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

Not sure why people keep over-reading it nerd face
@Mario Vavti - I think that's one of the main problems. Hubzilla is really an infrastructure tool for developers of services for end users. But somehow people came to think of it as a product for endusers in it's own right (or at the very least, an installable product for end users to use 'out of the box.') but it never quite "measured up" to the end user expectations (mostly because I don't think that's really what the true intention was). The "failure" here is that developers of end-user-services either never saw it or never really understood its potential. Personally, my head still reels with the possibilities of what the platform can do.

However, I don't think the ship has sailed. In fact, I think with all the talk of "decentralization," the future never looked brighter for a PLATFORM like Hubzilla.

I think @Mike Macgirvin 's work on Osada and Zap frees Hubzilla from the tiny box that people placed it in (as a "social media application).

Indeed, I find this to be a VERY exciting time for the project overall and many things are in place to allow people to see the true potential!
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Not sure I entirely agree - if so, Hubzilla still has a market.  Drilled down, it is a set of markets. None of which have been "spoken to"... or that's my guess.

Also, having multiple identities in its past (yet still alive?!?!) may have added some confusion.

I found something weird today. There is a Friendica account added in the Superblock addon which I did not add. In addition to that, it is in all channels and accounts.

I also cannot remove the said blocked account. When clicking the trash icon, it reloads to an empty page: /superblock?f=&unblock=&sectok=LONG_HASH Also not possible to add a new block.


The account is:


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 my house near the sea 
where can I experiment Osada or/and Zap?
is there any hub (under construction) where some prodigals do experiments?
Can I enter?

cc !Zot universe NEWS !Hubzilla Support Forum
I added the pdo driver check yesterday because apparently we only checked for existence previously, not whether it actually had any drivers we could use. It requires namespacing. The corrected module has just been pushed to all branches.
looks like he just posted updates


hopefully that solves the problem :)
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Libranet SupportLibranet Support wrote the following post Sat, 15 Sep 2018 13:46:20 +0200

Hubzilla - carddav and caldav update

Hello Hubzilla users on,
there was an update to the 'cdav' stuff 😉 It has been "appified".
WARNING: if you use caldav or carddav from a client or the webinterface you will need to enable those apps to make things work again

#hubzilla #caldav #carddav

 High Range, Australia 
Any sites with a public stream and diaspora enabled and following the diaspora hashtag, you may wish to review and delete the recent pedophilia alert (which is actually spreading pedophilia).

!Hubzilla Support Forum
Sorry, I can only see the following options at the addon settings:

Enable the Diaspora protocol for this channel
Allow any Diaspora member to comment on your public posts
Prevent your hashtags from being redirected to other sites
Sign and forward posts and comments with no existing Diaspora signature

Am I looking at the wrong place?
You need to have the statistics addon enabled for this. Statistics and the relay server are tied together.
Ahh, found it. Thanks :-)
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Hi. Can someone explain why Hubzilla does this, and if it's possible to have it not do this?

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Turning markdown formatting off and using bbcode works though:
$ axel
hmm ... so using markdown is just ... broken?
Seems like undesired behavior of the MarkdownPoster Addon. You may file an Issue at GitLab ( and in the meanwhile disable the Markdown function for posts and use bbcode if you need to write URLs inside of code blocks ( ). It can be reactivated again without problems after posting)
Bizzare - Post form missing in forum

On a the Cart forum which I created but haven't specifically checked in a while, I'm unable to post.  It doesn't matter if I am acting as the channel or as another user.  I did somewhat recently clone it onto a new install of 3.6.  There are other channels that are cloned between the same two hubs that behave just fine.

Everything seems to be OK, but in no way am I able to post.  Permissions report correct but I can't get the post form to render.  

The form doesn't render on either hub where the channel is cloned.  

It seems like it HAS to be something simple that I'm overlooking and someone here will be able to call me out for the idiot I am.  But after 45 minutes of trying to figure it out, I'm giving up and asking for help.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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I guess I may have just flat out moved rather than cloned it, but I don't think so...

And, in any event, the channel_moved parameter was set on BOTH hubs (the original and the destination), which if I comprehend the $disallow and notes to check_location_move() correctly should not happen.
I was thinking in a hypothesis: a person creates a clone and at the same time (instead of waiting a little half an hour) eliminates the other channel (old) without having defined the new clone as the main one. Probably the system interprets incorrectly and the problems start.
It appears to be something in the way the move gets designated. The proposed fix will atleast make sure the new main location is accessible, but it's going to take a bit of backtracking to find out why the channel_moved parameter is propagated to clones. That's a level I haven't dug into yet. Kind of hoping g someone with more knowledge beats me to the punch, Lol.

what is my ClientID, if I use Hubzilla as a OAuth2 Provider?
Do you mean for OpenID Connect?
No, under "Settings" you can add OAuth2 applications. I am trying to use that.
Create one.
Authentication Advice Request

!Hubzilla Support Forum
I'm thinking Hubzilla can handle authentication chores for my web app but am wondering how it applies if I have a GROUP or network of associated sites where I'd like to have Single SIgn On... members sign up at a central site/domain which applies across multiple domain names (Hubzilla sites).  Is this possible or what would be the best "jumping off" point in the code to customize this?  I can link databases as needed.

I do not *think* I'm referring to how I can visit another Hubzilla website and be logged in (to some extent; maybe)... this would be for registered members of the group, not random site visitors or other Hubzilla site members (what is the proper term?).
Wait for the next release, apparently OpenID Connect support was extended to allow HubZilla act as that central user database and any service that can do custom OpenID Connect (Most CMS like Wordpress have plugins for that, Nextcloud also works, and you could implement your own via the Hybridauth library) could use it to authenticate against (like other sites do with Facebook, Twitter, google etc.)
You can also use LDAP as the central user database and use the ldapauth plugin to put hubzilla login into that organisation. This means you can use a Windows Active Directory domain as an organisational login provider as it is an ldap provider. There's an option in the ldapauth plugin to create an account (and more recently also add a social channel) using the directory provider's existing information on first login.
Withdrawl of PR 1270 (various Hooks)

M. DentM. Dent wrote the following post Thu, 13 Sep 2018 06:33:03 +0200
Withdrawl of PR 1270 (various Hooks)

Just a note withdrawing PR 1270 - some notes are in the PR discussion itself.

1) Hook to change App::$page just prior to page display -- after consideration, I'm not sure at all what this adds. At any rate, whatever the reasoning I had for submitting it originally no longer obtains. If someone else thinks it's a good idea, I guess it could be resubmitted.

2) Hook into Articles - It looks like the better solution is for any addon dev who wants to make changes to the articles module is to clone the articles module and just make the changes. The call to status_editor() adds data to App::$page['htmlhead'], and could mess up settings if the jot editor is going to be used. To fix that would require a second hook to change the behavior of status_editor(). And by that point, any dev would be recreating significant portions of the current module anyway and may as well just go that route. It's not that big/scary or complicated. So either an addon on it's own endpoint - or even using the facility for Zotlabs/SiteModules/Articles.php (see Zotlabs/Web/Router.php) is probably the correct solution.

3) HTMLPurifier - It was a first stab to lessen restrictions in certain cases for articles, web pages, wiki entries, maybe cards while still allowing the use of nomadic identity and automatic cloning of those items. Digging more deeply, it's clear that the the way things are transmitted (see include/zot.php::process_delivery()) means that any modificatons to HTMLPurify configuration would need to be universal (all item types) and site-wide (actually ALSO be implemented on all sites where channel clones reside) in order to work. So now I see the overall concern with changing it as proposed - to work, it would not only have loosened restrictions for the desired item types on the local machine, it would have needed to be a univeral loosening of restrictions. In that way, I agree. Bad idea.

I have an different approach/alternative that I'd like to float - but I want to sleep on it and see if any gotcha's come to the fore in the morning.

Anyway - thanks @Mike Macgirvin and @Mario Vavti for your patience... you have a much better handle on the code base than I do. I trust you both enough to know that when you give resistance to an idea, there are reasons - even if they aren't readily apparent. I imagine sometimes for you there isn't more than an initial "gut feeling" that it's a bad idea - but it would take you quite a bit of digging back through to figure out exactly why - which isn't a reasonable expectation for others to impose on you. At any rate, I wanted to put these notes here - mostly for explanation, posterity, and as an apology if I came off a bit pushy.

Meant to share this to the forums:
!Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum
IIRC you can add forum mentions also in edits...
Thanks.. Wasn't sure and it was getting super late.
 High Range, Australia 
!Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Development

Just a heads up. The time is slipping away and I would like to bring Zot6 to Hubzilla before the end of the year, but I'm now questioning if that's a realistic timeframe. There's much work to do and the conflicts between Zot6 and the way Hubzilla currently works are staggering to say the least. But here are a few things that may happen "soonish" and which *may* affect you...

1. The PHP minimum version is going to brought up to 7.0. Version 5.6 will be end of life on December 31st so this shouldn't surprise anybody, but I'm suggesting that this requirement is imminent. Please upgrade _now_  if you're running 5.6.  Things will start to break if you don't. The longer you wait the more things will break.

2. Redmatrix backward compatibility will be terminated. I think everybody who wanted to migrate has done so, but in any event I'm pulling the plug on the compatibility code.

3. The way reshares work is going to be radically different. I'm hoping current reshared posts will still render, but if somebody comments or likes these in the future, those conversations may not federate. In ActivityStreams (on which Zot6 is based) and many other federated networks and projects, you can't actually add commentary on reshared content before posting. This is unfortunate because it puts everybody in the network at risk of copyright infringement and without a "fair-use" defense. I highly recommend everybody get in the habit of adding a comment to anything you reshare, even if it involves an extra step. The ass you save could be your own.
Regarding #3, will we lose the ability to preface a reshare with commentary? It is a feature I appreciate.
I am planning to branch out 3.8RC by end of september, after (hopefully) the feature to app transition will be finished. Not sure if i can still squash in the settings changes but i hope so...

I am all up for it after that.